Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The last Mid-semester Break

The hostels are all empty and silent, except the dogs that lives in and around the college campus and eleven of us, the Bhutanese MNNITians and few of others. The dogs here don’t bark or cry frightfully at night like in Bhutan. I still remember those sleepless nights at boarder hostels when the dogs howled and cried the whole night in the bright moonlight. Since last Friday, the students have left for their families on mid-Semester break (10 days) and for Holi, the colour festival, which is celebrated irrespective of the age or gender in India.

The past mid-Semester breaks have been very productive and memorable. In the first semester, just after we reached here, our seniors took us on trip to Agra, where one of the seven wonders of the world- Taj Mahal exists. It was one of the most wonderful trip and the memories are still fresh. We visited the nearby historical sites of Fatiapur City too, which is the resident of Akbar, the great Mughal Emperor.

One time, we visited Tsho-Pema (Rewalsar) via Delhi and that was the longest and most exciting trip of all. Tsho- Pema is located in Himachal Pradesh, we went from Delhi by bus to Shimla, spent two days there visiting the places, which is just like Bhutan on a hilly area and then travelled to Mande from where it’s four hours by bus to Rewalsar. We had a monk, who assisted and explained all the important stories behind those magnificent Nyes. The great and wonderful statue of Guru Rinpoche welcomes all the visitors once we face the holy land of Rewalsar. There is Bhutanese Monastery and lodge, specifically for Bhutanese pilgrim which is a good initiative by the government of Bhutan that offers rooms in reasonable rates. If you visit the place, you should go for that…J

In another, we visited Lumbini in Nepal-the birth place of Lord Buddha and returned via Kushi Nagar in India where Lord Buddha had his last sermon and parinirvana. And last semester, we visited Bodh-Gaya;  another trip which I can never forget.  We were again fortunate enough to be accompanied by a monk, Lopen Rinchen Khandu, who is Umze in Bhutanese Monastery in Bodhgaya throughout our stay to visiting all the nearby places.

But this time, the last mid-semester break of my college life, I chose to stay back at college itself for so many reasons. Just after the break we have second Unit test which before used to be about ten days after the break. The college management has changed starting this semester and I thought I could make good use of these break to prepare, yet the funny thing is that even after half the duration of break now, I haven’t started. As too much cooks spoil broth, so are we by  the vacation (leisure time) I think, freedom is never free; it makes us indolent and complacent. It disturbs all the normal schedules and the continuity of everyday routines. We tend to sleep more and have meals on inappropriate time and the result of this is even worse!

I am never convinced with the nature of human as to why do we (I) feel so different during the break, when we are free from the normal schedules and sameness of our life even if it is of short duration; the movies seems to be source of boredom, the books seem to strain our eyes for the first time, our brain is occupied with some thing we don't know and if it is the gossip with friends, the topics are endless. This is the bitter irony of human being. "What do we  (I) want and what is wrong?" I keep asking.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Thank You Mother Earth

Source: Google
A home for every existence
A life of unlimited you nurture
Fresh air and water, clean ambience
The bound of kindness and patience
You give, sustain and give
And never are you fatigue
Nor you restrain, rest or refuse
Yet the greedy mind you gratify
Wants more, exploits and doesn’t care

Here I stand healthy and walk with pride
With all the luxurious glories of yours
We know you can’t permanently give
For this is the law you already know
Wisely we shall use you and your wealth
And advocate the message of early signs
Which you displayed loud and clear
Today, tomorrow or the next day
We shall revive, protect and sustain

Thank you Mother Earth.....

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Pledge

Source: Google
Karma is what we can’t change
And by it are we all shaped and made
Remember the first time we met?
Mere luck wasn't how we met
And neither was it a coincidence

Causal walk and talk we made
Heartfelt gossips we shared
Even the funny jokes we crack
Keeps me warm and glued
In fact small things are what matters

In the past, now and ever after
Love I shall with all my heart
Over the time I may fail
Void I shall never create yet
 Enlighten and remind me sometime

You are but a north star
Of all the stars that prevail
United and together we shall unfurl 

(The poem is to commemorate the world poetry day(21st March), which I knew from blogger friends...:)...)

Monday, 18 March 2013

Khotsa and the story of Sauce

Khotsa finished his higher Secondary School in the eastern part of the Bhutan. He was a good and average student, but there were so many things he lacked and that were but a big hurdle. He hailed from one of the most remote parts of the country; he was zero with the modern and foreign culture and custom particularly about the foods. His knowledge of the food was confined to the Asham (maize) kharang, ashum Bokpee (maize flour) and thug pa Yomree (porridge) of the typical eastern house and not beyond that. His only form of entertainment was but a shortwave radio which was also his constant companion during his time with the cattle in the jungles and recently a mobile phone which the village has been connected with by Bhutan telecom.

After the 12th standard, he was on his way to Thimphu- the busiest and biggest city of the country as every other student for higher studies. He had a friend, a close girl friend-karma; his class mate in his middle secondary school, which did not qualify after the 10th standard and was working in some private company in Phuntsholing. They were fortunately in contact through mobile phone.

Phuntsholing is the second biggest town in Bhutan. Life is completely opposite of the rural. It is noisy and busy. Even a small kid is influenced by the modern technology and modern gadgets. Everyone dresses like hipsters. Khotsa was surprised to see his class mate become one and he felt some kind of low and awkward in front of her. He felt inferior and cursed his fate for being born and raised in remote, his academic and bookish knowledge was helpless. But he hides all these from his friend and acted casually.

Khotsa was straight away taken to a restaurant for dinner by karma. He was amazed by the life at town. Although he has finished 12th standard, he was an alien in the town. He was amazed with the everyday life of a typical town.
Karma: “What will you take Khotsa? Take chowmin, its delicious! I just had dinner at home”
Khotsa: “Ok fine”
Khotsa has never eaten chowmin (noodle) and god only knew what it looked like and how it tasted. But he thought it’s not a big deal. They waited for the chowmin to come. They exchanged the memories at school and how life at town is different from the village, how people are being changed with the so called development, why every rural flock dreams of coming to urban in search for better life.

Just then the waiter bought a plate of chowmin with two phobs (bowl) of chili and tomato sauce on a nice and cleaned white ceramic tray along with it a fork and spoon. Khotsa thanked karma, he never used fork to take noodles and was uncomfortable, so he used spoon instead to take noodles. He had never tasted sauce and two cups of sauce was still at its rim. Just then he thought the sauce was but a kind of soup and with the help of spoon tasted a sip of it like a normal soup.  Karma silently gave a sarcastic laugh and told Khotsa that it is but a sauce which is to be mixed with chowmin and eat. Khotsa was quick to give answer; so as to hide his foolishness.  He told her that it was just to taste if he likes. He was blushed, but tried to hide it. He told the sauce did not taste good.  Poor Khotsa had to finish the plate of dry chowmin alone and two bowls of sauce on the tray as it was.

Everything was screwed then; the incident robbed all the charm of night. He had always admired karma and that night he silently planned to express karma about how he considered and felt about her and what she meant to him. But all vanished at an instant and there he was-tight-lipped with guilt and embarrassment all around.

Back in the room, he was sleepless the whole night thinking about the incident at hotel. He felt pity on himself for being so primitive. He was frustrated and blamed his own fate. He asked himself: “If only I was raised in town and If only I knew some Chinese foods before, I would have her in my arms.”

Saturday, 16 March 2013

International day of Happiness

Courtesy: Google
20th march will be observed as the International Day of happiness all around the world declared by the United Nations last year and Bhutan has declared the day as the government Holiday to celebrate the first international Day of Happiness. The Bhutan Broad Casting Service website also says that the date for the celebrations is marked as the 20th march as it is said to be an equinox day when day and night are of equal length.

Well, it is but a proud moment just to be a humble citizen of a country that has stirred the whole world in convincing the very concept of Happiness; it feels good to know that Bhutan- a tiny country in the mighty Himalayas has been able to push through in adopting the purpose of happiness for a holistic approach towards the development. It is wonderful to know that Bhutan has been able to further the very concept of Gross National Happiness, the brain child of farsighted monarch, the fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck to the outside world. It is with the deepest respect and humble appreciation that I take this time to wish the whole world a very peaceful and harmonious existence.

However this also pops so many questions. As a pioneer in this very cause, it would be the sole responsibility of Bhutan to uphold and maintain that status to the eyes of outside world. The unanimous acceptance by 193 member countries of United Nation in adopting this concept of happiness as an integral part of development means that every country will look up on Bhutan as a role model and that in itself brings a number of questions; I don’t really know if every Bhutanese are happy enough to be looked upon by the others as an example. I don't know how much home work is yet to be done.

 But at the same time, having been resolved and adopted for the better world at large; hope Bhutan will be able to fulfill the prerequisites and that it is not just the external mask towards gaining international attention or a name and fame. Hope this comes as another huge responsibility towards clearing and solving first the ground realities back at home. Hope the Bhutanese at the far flung corners of the country will get the real taste of Gross National Happiness.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The special Quota for women

To me politics is about making the right choice using our own prerogative, it is about exercising our abilities to the best of our efforts and render the obligated service. And specially in Bhutan where democracy came as a gift from the golden throne unlike other countries which came through struggle and strife, I feel we Bhutanese (both men and women) have rather fantastic opportunity to put into a good use.

Yet the percentage of women is less in every field not just in politics! And that is where people talk about some special quota system for women. Yes women play an important role in the society. They are the root of nurturing love, kindness and respect; however this should not mean that they be entitled to a special quota. While it might have a better impact and possibly better immediate results yet it definitely wouldn’t last long for sure.

Special quota for the women might undermine the very rights of an individual in the long run. It is the precursor to complacency which depreciates their very potential and moral responsibilities. This would ultimately lead to unhealthy environments hovered with incompetent and unproductive portion. If women think they are left out, there are always platforms to raise voice and make it heard. Women must prove themselves that they are equally capable, that they can equally lead and make changes as men. The willingness and confidence must come from within genuinely and naturally and not because of some reservation or some kind of coercion. As the fruit made to ripen naturally is always tastier than the one artificially ripen by the use of some gases?

Quota system may also be the precedence of very dangerous trend; this may or may not be applicable in Bhutan’s system but see for instance, in India, there is special quota for the backward state people for their education. This has very good mission of leveling the haves and have-nots but time has only proven that it is more of harm than good. Affluent and powerful people misuse this privilege for their own benefits and it’s pathetic to see people changing their own surnames to be entitled to such reservation scheme. So the question we might ask our self is whether such quota system will really benefit our women in the long run?

If Bhutan really wants to empower women I feel there are other better ways, which are becoming visible now with awareness and I think we need to further that. We have equal opportunities for men and women, no such thing as gender discrimination (at least on papers)  and I think this is but very perfect environment where incompetent can become competent, where weak and feeble can gain strength, where voiceless can voice. The typical traditional notions of women must be eradicated from the mind set of every Bhutanese people.

What do you think of women and quota system? Do our women really need quota system, not just in politics, but others too?

Friday, 8 March 2013

Why women must be educated, empowered & encouraged?

“Educate an individual to develop a family, but educate women to develop a community”

Well, not long ago, the common notion was men for work and women to serve men, confined to the four corners of an apartment; there was hardly an instant when women broke that shell of confinement. Women were treated like servants, without right to say, right to education and right to rise. However the situations have changed now; the mindset of people has drastically evolved; women have broken that stereotype shell and now where men have his feet women has managed to reached there, Women has conquered what man has; walked where men has. Be it in politics, science, arts, health, or any organizational hierarchy there are women, although the ratio of men still outnumbers women.  And that is one obvious reason as to why women must be empowered, encouraged and enabled.

A mother carries a baby for nine months in pain and shame, eats with shit, sacrifices in rain and sun to protect. If there is one person who knows every movement of child, every strength and weakness, in fact every aspect, it is the mother.  A child is very much shaped by a mother. How good or bad a child becomes later or how healthy or unhealthy a child is all depends on the mother herself.   How can we expect a better and productive child if mother herself isn’t?  How can we expect a chaos free society if the chaotic state of mothers aren’t addressed? Mothers (women) are but the root of everything, the growth, the development, advancement and longevity.  It therefore becomes imperative that the society accepts such facts. It seems that the society and we as an individual have forgotten the value of women. She at the personal level must be aware of all the roles and responsibilities as a mother, as the root of the very existence of life.  And how do we go for it?  Well, with proper care and education, with proper awareness, empowerment and encouragement.  Strong messages of important aspects like the consequences of giving birth to large number of child, the advantages of being healthy and happy must be reached to the mothers in the far flung corners.

But the irony is that women are still considered inferior, incompetent and weak, we still have lots of blatant violence against women; there are rapid rise in rape cases and harassments. I feel the more campaigns we talk about empowering women, the more such unfortunate incidents tend to occur and that’s saddening.  Almost every day we hear and read about the merciless and shocking news of an innocent girl being molested or gang raped and the culprit either being escaped or sentenced. I feel such things have become very casual in the daily life of ours. Imagine 20-30 years from now into the future, how will the state of the women, ultimately the sate of world be if such things are not addressed and considered with proper precautions and judgments before it is too late?

Now we have started to hear lots of unimaginable acts like mothers strangling her own new born child and preferring abortion just because the child is but a girl, a huge problems of gendercide is robbing off the women from coming to the life, which results to sex trafficking . From where and why has such stigmas evolved?  Although Bhutanese girls are fortunate enough comparatively with no gender discrimination and equal opportunities, we have huge gap in the ratio of men to women in any fields. There is sudden rise of the violence against women, flesh trades are coming into existence and these are some of the wide areas, where policy makers might consider lifting up the status of women. With two political parties headed by women presidents now and gearing for the 2nd parliamentary elections, hope more Bhutanese women are encouraged and empowered.

Happy International Women's Day!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Joy of Tweeting

From Google

I heard a lot about twitter since I joined college, celebrities and politicians having controversy over the ruthless and careless tweets and news papers covering every detail behind such tweet remarks, yet I have never taken keen interest to use it until recently, although I created the account some years back. But now believe me or not I swear if you have no account and you are not using twitter, you miss so many things the social media has to provide.  It is one platform where you get to express everything and in return where you get updates of any kind of information from the anywhere. Yes it is worth using. You can follow certain people or organization you wish to know about. It is a flexible platform with certain word limitation which is cool to me; it teaches us to make concise yet a meaningful sentence, a short and sweet sentence.

It is not even a month that I have been so active on twitter when ever time spares me and just within this time, It has given me tremendous information, I have pretty good twitter friends. Some very active Bhutanese twitters like @JigsNews@BHTXpress and @Drowawangcha, tweets all-round areas, latest updates of social importance, Jokes, health and politics. And just being a mere witness with their update is marvelously enriching. All five political parties are also active on twitter and face book and it is very convenient platform to know them and their manifestos. Of course on the other hand, there is also the argument of wasting unnecessary time, yet if you know the value of it, I think it's worth wasting.

Just last week I had some doubts regarding the electoral process in Bhutan and fortunately the chief Election commissioner Dasho Kuenzang Wangdi is active in twitter (he is active on Face book too).  It was but the most rejoicing moment that Dasho kindly gave me quick reply making me crystal clear about the election process.
So if you still haven't experience this platform you should give a try once and taste its flavor. Follow me @Gnawehst and let me follow you...:)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Intricacy of Life

Life is a big puzzle; when one part of it is solved, another line of it comes on the other side and it is not very simple. We go to bed with smile and the next morning we wake up being opposite. We go to the classes in the morning with all the energies and interest to learn something new only to realize in the evening back at hostel room that you learnt nothing. You aspire to spend time with the loved ones, yet such times are rarely favoured. Life is rather a necessary compromise.

In the first class of my Human Resource Management (HRM) class which is my open elective subject in the final semester, the teacher asked a question to the floor: What is the most important asset in an Organization? The crowded class murmured 'Human resource'. The teacher somehow heard this and added, why? The class was silent for a while. One friend stood up from the chair and answered that human resource is the most important asset because all other assets are being controlled by humans and that men is the sole factor in determining the organization's state. The teacher then said his answer, which we hardly think of: “We can never change the mind of a man, therefore human resource is the most important asset in organization” Indeed the answer is so right and obvious. An individual gets into an organization, feeds there, grows there, reaps all the fortunes he can and when any kind of better opportunities pops up, he leaves the former for the greener one and the organization that has given him so much has very little or no say.

Well, the point is who knows us so perfectly and completely as a person, as an individual? Is it our lifelong partner whom we share our life since we tie knot? Our parents who brought us up with all the love and care to become a wonderful person as we are now? Or our siblings whom we shared same bite from the same plate of meals? Or is it the friends who are by your side in both good and bad times? Or the boss in front of whom we always try to be good and decent?

Nobody knows me, yes nobody will ever know me for sure and as a matter of fact I also don't know anybody perfectly.

Everything we define is but our own interpretation and perception. But the irony is we spent whole of our time trying to understand the theories and propositions of some unknown people without which we can't even walk. These are inevitable in our life and we can’t escape. These things shape our life and we are all defined by that. Who exactly knows the scene behind that C-shaped smile a person gives or behind that funny laughter? We have politicians (both good and bad) gearing hard to woo and fill their vote tanks; we have the slow and bumbled bureaucracy trying hard not to be swayed by politics; frustrated and unemployed youths endeavoring every means to tackle themselves to and vast majority of innocent people having hard time to make ends meet.

Where do all these end at the set of dusk? It all boils down to individuality, fighting to win our won battle and such is the intricacy of so called Life.

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