Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Mirroring Life

Life isn’t always bad and disappointing. Obviously it’s short, but we have enough to bounce back and get along. It doesn’t always disappoint and discourage you. Despite the usual (as we perceive) hurdles and ugly circumstances, there are beauty behind that bars of belittles and betrayals, hope and redemption behind the losses, solace and symphathy behind that stress; smile behind the sadness. It’s from these little things that keeps our head and hopes high, that makes this short span of our life beautiful, that makes all the difference in how we take on life; that keeps us hooked and enagaged. Life isn’t bad after all.

It also doesn’t alsways fail to amuse and amaze you. Despite the constant falling down the dungeon of desperation and desolation, you still got that desire to dance back to the tunes of your favour. It’s a matter of choice that we make after all. Choice is though an illusion between those with power and those without. I often wonder if this life is fair at all and if it’s but blessing or a curse? And the answer is always vague. Perhaps that’s the fact. Time is a great healer. Despite all the odds and failures, there is something that drives us to strive harder, something that consoles us that it’s gonna be alright; that when one door closes another opens; and that we only need to be bit more patient and obidient. There is something that always give courage and inspires us and this is the very beauty of this life. We only need to mirror deep to see the other side of stories that defines our life. 

Monday, 22 April 2019

The Change

I have often wondered how people could easily change, how situation and circumstances change like the summer weather. Well, change is inevitable; Some changes because of the circumstances surrounding them, some changes owing to the demand of their profession, some changes because they wants to, out of sheer choice. Some changes after the marriage, after becoming parents. Change is part of our life. But this is interesting- People change with chair for sure; once you climb the ladder of success to a comfortable chairs change comes automatically. When people changes their color of kabney, changes happen. I remember one time attending a Choeshey Session where a Rinpoche was asking if there is any one with orange Kabney at the gathering. Obviously there wasn’t.

To the eyes of a parent, what they notice is a sea of change in their children’s behaviour once they get married. I wonder if it’s the psychic that often pays or if it for real. The blame goes mostly to the groom where they are often accused of having been manipulated by the bride; that he is undercomplete control of wife and that he hardly has a say. This is the general conception we often hear in the society. I don’t know how far this fetches truth for all but I certainly believe and I have seen this theory does carry a pinch of truth. I have seen parents being chased out of their children’s house because they are unable to find a common ground. It’s a sad but a bitter truth. I was just wondering why is it that it’s mostly between the bride and the mother-Inlaw that a common ground is difficult to find? Why is it difficult for we men to get in between to mediate?

However one’s Priority in life is one main driving force to a change. We may have set of principles that remains with us throughout but this life, howsoever it maybe short, have a plenty of time to fiddle with that demands change and we all get carried away somehow. Also when one can not adjust, changes occur. 

Eventually I still believe that change is very much part of the human evolution process; a natural process we must get along well; that change for something good and bright is a thing to be embraced heartily; that change is something one can’t avoid. 

Monday, 15 April 2019

Life must go on

A very happy new year 2019 first of all. It’s so good to be back on the stage of blogging. To read the fellow bloggers, to know whereabouts . It has been longtime since I visited my blog and it looks sad. I really want to re-start again and revive as one my friend says. I don’t know how far but I wanna try. The following is some weird thoughts that just crammed my mind a few times lately.

I am from humble family, my parents are both uneducated and simple farmers. They may not know how to read and write, but from them I have got the best of values and lessons that are important in one’s life. From them I have learnt the weight of honesty, the value of friendship, the power of humility and humanity, the perks of being true to yourself.

But the sad thing is as you grow up, as you become a part of so-called corporate world; as you join the  bandwagon of competition and complexities you often wonder like what has the world become? Most importantly what have you become? Where are those values gone?  Just like the simplest are  more complex, it seems like the more we tend you make our life more simpler, the more complex it becomes; the more we tend to ease our burden, the more we tend to feel it’s weight and make us toil; the more something tends to make sense, the more confusing it becomes; and the more we try to find answers, the more questions we tend to get that clouds our judgment. I am afraid if the list is even complete. I am afraid of losing strength to these waves of  these conjurings. I am afraid of losing my dignity as a human being for not being able to use for the good and better. I am scared of becoming monster in human form.

But the consolation is this is very much a life in nutshell and it must go on.....! 

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