Monday, 23 June 2014

A call with a friend

The Nokia tune of my mobile phone was ringing to its highest volume, the time was almost ten PM and I was half asleep. I normally go to bed early so that I am able to wake up early the next morning for my work, otherwise the worst day waits for me. The caller was my old school mate and a good friend. Somehow I had his contact number saved in my phone. It has been long time since we met in person. After twelfth standard, we had our own trace of path. He went to Doethang (JNP) and I went India to pursue B-Tech. Even in mobile it was long time ago that we talk. Suddenly I was nostalgic and suddenly I was smiling.

We talked a lot reminiscing the good and bad memories, funny and hard times during our primary and secondary school times; about how we played treasured marbles and walnuts, had silly fights, how we studied under the kerosene lantern, about how we used to rush for second shares during meal times. I am sure as boarder student, no one has had their stomach full; we were worse than hungry wolf and would rush for second share even faster than a cheetah can, and sadly at times we would lose even the amount of food we had in our plate, some would even fall into that mighty mess pot! Don’t you feel nostalgic? Yes we talked about it all. We talked how suddenly time had us divert to different path; how things change once we enter the world of work with new goals, new responsibilities, and new circle of friends with new definition of living. We both agreed that life is not very easy to manage; once you are employed, everyone looks up to you with expectations and when you are unable to do justice, we are often earmarked as ‘changed with chair’ although circumstances does and you still remain the old you.

In fact it is true when he said:  “As a kid and young adult when studying, everything I did was to demand, frequently ask parents and siblings to send money as if money was free-felled to them, but now when I am at their shoes, when I am asked with same kind, I can feel the pinch” But after a while we both consoled our self that, we ought to make life easy or life will never if we just blame, regret and that now is perfect time to help who helped us when we are able, when we are single and no family. It is the best time to taste the test of times, be it good or bad, that we must never let down people who sacrificed for us and pushed us with all their effort to this position. We must rather think of it as our responsibility, as our duty, no matter how much difficulties we face or how much compromises it involves, after all we only receive what we give as some say.

Our conversation suddenly got jumped from that funny talks to serious ones, perhaps we are no longer that small naughty kid and we were both rejuvenated. Perhaps without such memories and realizations, one can hardly think if at all we are growing up? You know, even a simple conversation can be so insightful. By the time we were short of words, it was already 11:30 PM. We said good night to each other and promised to keep in contact henceforth. Sometimes fifty bucks voucher is worth recharging than unnecessarily flirting with girls….:P 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Human Factor class

Humans aren’t perfect, that is why we must forget and forgive, that is why we must prepare, that is why we have so many back-ups and alternatives, that is why we must accept the fact that mistakes are inevitable and we can’t predict when? Humans are not some robots, we get fatigue, and stressed and we get carried away by the environment that surrounds us.  Studies and researchers have proved and found that human factor is one of the most important factor that must be considered in terms of production, success or failures. And particularly in aviation world, no matter, how much the machines (aircraft) is designed well, no matter how latest or equipped it is, simple ignorance by technician or engineer which may not be serious to him/her can compromise the life of  so many people, the passengers. And I think human factor is equally important to other world of work too. It must be given much emphasis and consideration.

There was one day refresher course about the human factor, about how a simple ignorance or a simple change of screw/nut can bring huge disasters and havoc. A tutor from Air France during one day class talked about the importance and impact of human factor in one’s every day work.
There are twelve factors called as ‘the dirty dozen’ which must be carefully understood in every world of work. We are very much prone to these dirty dozen and most of the mistakes, errors and problems are created because of shortfall in one of the following factors.
1. Fatigue                                        7.  Stress  
2. Complacency                              8. Communication
3. Distraction                                  9. Lack of assertiveness
4. Lack of knowledge                    10. Lack of team work
5. Lack of awareness                     11. Lack of resources
6. Pressure                                     12. Norms

There are safety nets for each of the above factors and as a worker, we must be able to understand well and apply each time we have a work in front of us. We must ask questions like, Can I do the work? Did I have enough rest? Do I have all the safety precautions at hand? What would be the consequences if something goes wrong? Do I have enough knowledge and training to do this work? Am I not compromising the safety of not just me, but around me?  There is vast difference between error and violation; Error is a non-voluntary action related to what was intended to be done while violation is voluntarily differing from the norms.

Anyway this is just the brief summary of what was enumerated during one day class. As a beginner, it was very much helpful and I would like to thank management for organizing and letting me and others like me be part of this very important class.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The greener pasture

Every one of us at some point of time look back and think if only I took a different path; we dream, aspire and envy about the life others have, after all who doesn’t wish and want a better, happier, luxurious and beautiful things in life? But the sad part is that not every one of us is fortunate enough to reach that destination. The bridge that connects one’s present foot to the other often comes with so many prices and so many thorns.

Recently there was a vacant post for pilot in Drukair Corporation Ltd, which I tried my luck. I gave a try not because I do not like my present profession; in fact I very much enjoy my present work, despite the very odd duty timings and not-too-conducive working environment.  Every day I learn new things, touch new things and do new things. But being human, this so-called greener pasture motive had me drive to another land of fantasy. Seniors and colleagues around added the fuel with encouragements. And I am sure pilot is a dream job for everyone; how exciting is to fly over and above the clouds! The profession that involves insurmountable risks is also a very clean and courageous profession which is respected by the society as a whole. Besides the pilots is one of the highly paid professions in any country. You have a better scope in future.

Unfortunately this will be just a dream for ever.

Well, I am not hurt by the failure to get through the written examination, but that day, that very evening after the results were declared, I did realized something which I hope will remain with me and guide me henceforth. The incident has taught me so many life lessons; something in life is never meant to be ours, something is always beyond the capacity of one’s so-called ‘Soenam’ and that all things happen for reason. Even the brain that worked so well once completely does the very opposite at the much needed time. The questions for the written examination were all twelve standard and strangely it was that subject that pulled me down so badly. When expectations exceed achievements which so often happens, it is when we realize that life is fair enough! I also learned that we are what we were disposed to be and it is better to be happy and make best use of what we have and what we are given at hand.

There is always another mountain behind one mountain; we just have to keep walking. We just have to let the wind blow on its own and not disturb its rhythm.

In line with this, once a Bhutanese man went Australia following the steps of others with the hope to make money. He got job which was so easy but was highly paid. His job was just to press the switch ‘on’ and ‘off’. The reward for his simple work bothered him. He asked himself: “why do I get this much pay for just monitoring the switch?” He decided to dig and to his astonishment, every time he switches ‘on’ it triggered the sharp blades that slaughtered live cattle (the bulls). That was when he realized greener pastures are not always green. He resigned and returned to Bhutan.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Can you give it back?

“The trust that I entrusted upon you with all my heart; the undying hope which if piled would make up the highest mountain. The precious time I spent with you irrespective of whether I was busy or free; the moments of laughter and smile that I shared with you. The showers of tenderness, understanding and the appreciation I had for every little thing. The compromises, the adjustments and the sacrifices I made just to bring in smile for you. The rain of tears I shed with you and for you in the worst of your times. The happiness and the smile I brought upon your face with me and my presence.”

Can you give it all back? Well, it doesn’t really matter now, just do some homework to know about how much you meant to me and what it means to know that it is all past tense now. Perhaps you will a pinch of realization then or perhaps we were and we are never meant to make a story! No matter what differences, no matter how short the duration, it is something that I will treasure as a gift, it is an episode that will echo once in blue moon and resonate. I am happy that you came to my life although just in blink.  I wish you all the best for the rest of your life.

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