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I feel it is the very nature of mankind to change;  with success that comes our way, with the ladders we climb up and with the environment as well. The higher we climb the steps of success and wellness. the more reluctant we seem to become.  It is not just in the silver screen movies and Drama series that are being depicted, it happens everywhere in everyday life,Although the change in inevitable in life, it must not be at the cost of a breach to someone we care about, and someone we ought something!
Even in my own eyes, I have witnessed incidents where one's one priorities that were in the first line become the last, a son and wife becoming so rude to their own parents and even treating like maidservants Every primary preference becomes secondary then. There is one incident I can never forget in my life; It was in the month of July, 2012 in Samdrup Choeling, where there was a daughter-in law who was very rude to her own husband's mother! who was in serious ailment.And I was helpless and hapless, I couldn't do anything, I remained on the spot just wondering and staring on that bitch and the pitiful grandma.

The greatest fear I have is; if ever I also get trapped into this web and become the very victim of this venom. As of now, I know what my priorities are, what my objectives are and the corrections I will do; but at the same time I am worried as to how these will actually go along the line of this life. I always think there are moral responsibilities and principles which guides every individual and refining that or ignoring that is completely up to one self though.

At least at this stage, when I am helpless, I certainly try to learn from the mistakes I make my self and from the mistakes of others as well, because I think  this will assist me in the long run to correct my self if at all circumstances drags me into that dark pool and pull me up. Sometime I am so skeptic that this life is but a curse, because we grow up from an innocent child to a vicious monster who does,'t recognize even their own parents keep aside the surrounding ones!

But why does all these happen is a valid question? Is it always the bride(girl) in case of boys who are responsible for the changes- to such unfortunate ones?  Is marriage the main main culprit behind all these changes? Or is it the wealth and wellness that instill ans props all these changes in one's personality?  Is it the chair that comforts and makes all the realities disappear?What could be other possible reasons? I wonder!..

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