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Of brags, blames and belittlements

In life we come across various kinds of people. Some come with load of encouragement and inspiration. We derive immense likeness and admiration just by the mere watch and talk. Some come with heavy prices, price tags and some teach us lessons that remain with us forever. There are others whom we find amiable and goes on to becoming the best buddies in life. Some are unpredictable; even if we try hard to understand and appreciate, they never reach the caliber of our conscience to be close or be causal, it demands cautiousness and distance. Some are just never compatible with our taste which is sad.
And there are some, who go on to bragging themselves about how much they DID (rather than DOING), how they were treated those olden days and how fortunate we (the present generations) are in our times. What does this matter any way to us? It is completely a different timeline! Does this mean they have all the rights to treat us the same way they were treated decades ago? Who cares about all these brags? Yes it is music when shared for the first time. Second time and after, it becomes noise! The world and people are constantly changing and perhaps these people are little aware of it.
Some incidents (of life) are indelible and remain with us forever. It is either the best or the worst. It makes us question and ponder as to what really and why that very incident happened? How do you react when you are reprimanded, and embarrassed in front of a huge crowd for some mistakes you did not commit and which is also very much mend-able? It was a moment like I just might launch F-I-R for me if there was any. Anyway who doesn’t make mistake in life? Who is perfect? Do we have no have erasers and do we not deserve second chance? Just because there is limited time or it is getting delayed doesn’t mean we compromise the work. There are people who do nothing and lead with mere service of lips. When you reprimand someone else does it not reflect the very nature of what you are? Does it not back fire the embarrassment and the hurt you have spelled upon the other? Is it professional ultimately?

That brings to how one chooses profession/career in life; certainly one that pays you handsomely (perhaps the first choice for most), the one that is respectable and one that we like/love, but sadly not all of these are present in one particular career. Some careers pays you well where working environment is horrible, some are highly respected and often these are not reachable. Most of us therefore end up with a career which is short of one of these and certainly with what we get, what fate has decided for us with. We end up sacrificing something for want of something else and I have been thinking like did I even make the right choice of career? It is sad, when you have to live and work where incidents that pulls you down and de-motivate are more than what you can be inspired from. Even sadder is when you are treated like some primary school kid, as if we are their very pie, as if the other is nothing. Any hierarchical organization is pyramidal in shape, there is one ultimate boss and subordinates till the base under him. This is certainly the most stable and strongest. Sadly there is the opposite hierarchical shape- tree/umbrella-shaped which has more bosses and less subordinates. The stability of such is very much unpredictable. There are more chaos, disorder and conflicts; there is ego, self-centeredness and all kind of blame games.
And if you are not prepared mentally, it really is hard. But I rather hope to learn more from such incidents for it is from the harsh and challenging situations that you learn most although incident such as this will remain with me. Till than until next time.

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