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My new Interest

If there is one thing that I regret right now at this very stage, it is about not participating in the games and sport during school times. I have never taken part in whatever games and sports the school conducted, for the reason being that I hardly saw future in that area. As being from mediocre family enjoyment or entertainment was never my bread and every time such opportunities came, I gave second thoughts like what if I get struck and not be able to fulfill my eventual goal? Ultimately it was the academic results that mattered and knowing that, I had always easy excuse when it came to PE classes. By the time I realized the importance of games and sports and other co-curricular activities other than bookish knowledge it was almost too late. It was during the college days in India, when I realized how much it is equally important and fortunately I had college mates who were all interested, most of who were first timers like me who had realized and who were interested to take chance and that’s when I also decided to learn; back then we used to play football the most every evening and surprisingly there was some improvements but sadly the habit got lost after the college days, after entering the world of work and now I see myself nowhere. You see the so-called interest also changes like season and it very much depends upon the environment we dwell.
And last year after going New Zealand for basic training, I started to try new interest: to play tennis, I watched the Wimbledon and US open and soon liked the game and we five of us started to play after class whenever the time permitted. The best thing about in New Zealand is the availability of public resources like outdoor games and sports facilities. There are beautiful parks with free playgrounds for any kind of games after few kilometers distance. The city council is doing excellent job to maintain those parks with beautiful flowers and trees around, clean and green. This is but simple difference between developed and underdeveloped country like ours! Here even if one has interest it is hard to materialize and resources like this are not available except in the schools or institutes or in military camps which are for themselves and sadly outsiders have to pay. But anyway lately I with four other friends have been visiting the lawn tennis court of NIE Paro almost every day. The fee is Nu. 100 for per hour and we have no choice but to adhere to for it is our best time pass these days as the work gets over early (it is still windy season!) a friend of mine plays well and he has been coaching us which is going so far so well.

Well, eventually I think it is never too late to learn in life. And there is nothing like this isn’t for me or that is never meant for me; what matters is the opportunity. There are few of the lists which I missed as small kid and during school life which I am considering to experience as the time goes on; Life is in fact a journey than the destination!

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