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The impression and the Hopes

It was on 20th August 2013 that I formally joined Drukair Corporation Ltd, under Engineering and Maintenance Division. For about three weeks I (we) was attached with the executives (managers) who do all the paper works to get familiarized with the work flow of the division and company as a whole; to know the interdependence of different sections under the division, to get the taste of how things run in the world of work. It was pretty new world for me and was very engaging; we were briefed and encouraged with what we ought to do down the line, the roles and responsibilities as part of the organization; in fact everything; from personal to official, from mere gossips to insightful information and advices and about how our career prospects will be in future and how we need to get prepared and adjusted towards achieving it. One particular word that has had continuous effect and which will remind me throughout is about being very careful and safe. It was on the very first day when my manager said this: “We are the very front runners in the society and under the constant watch, not only by the heads of the company, but also of the state, the entire nation. Do one minor mistake and we are not only keeping at stake the life of ours but so many of others”

My very first impression was "a cordial and exciting atmosphere" hope it will last forever. The executive managers and senior engineers were all warm and friendly. Our welcoming wasn't that grand yet our interactions were like one family. The general Manager spoke with tough and tactful words about RAA, ( it’s not Royal Audit Authority by the way) the Responsibility, Authority and Accountability which are the most fundamental thing that defines how well one as an individual thrives in an organizations and the company as a whole. He talked about how to demarcate between the three and go which is very much complementary to each other. “If these three doesn’t go together or are not complementary, one as an individual or any organization can never be successful and smooth. What do we want as human being? Obviously the Authority and hardly do we want to be responsible and accountable for the authority we have and that’s very fact and saddening. With some responsibilities there comes some authority and ultimately if we are not held accountable for it then the problem of competencies come which is ultimately linked to one’s attitude. That’s what our General Manager has to say.

With all those in mind, I finally joined the line a week ago, the field where we deal with live aircrafts, checking its wellbeing, doing maintenance if necessary and making sure that the air craft is not on the ground. Every day is new for me and I love it actually. The seniors are very motivating and helpful. Whenever we have doubt (which is very much obvious) or do they feel we need some attention they are always on their toes to impart what they know and that is something I would like to live up to throughout. The timing is yet another which if taken positively will make me an alert and active person; Before dawn I leave home to work and only after dusk, I reach back home and that, sometimes make me nostalgic about the school times when we woke up early to study, which was worth at the end.

That let me to another thinking: Who would have ever thought (after graduation) about landing up working in an environment where one deals with all the works of a field man, a work that demands physically strong and mentally alert? Of course I haven’t. The only thought after graduation was about sitting on the rotating chair with personal computer in front and doing the assigned work. Yet life is other way around and we have to abide by it. There are so many circumstances that play its role and sways but I take it positively. Now that I have narrowed another path; I would like to make sure that the journey is fruitful. Perhaps this is where I make so called LIFE, be contented and cope with it for the rest of my life.

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