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The Liebster Nomination

First of all, I would like to apologize my friend Sonam Tenzin for being so late to response, for not being able to appreciate you kind nomination and recognition as a fellow blogger. I really don’t know what I have been doing all these time; something has always kept me engaged. There are always excuses you know, once you enter that web of mundane world of work. But better late than never, I have always kept in mind to share the happiness about what it means to me as a humble one among so many other good bloggers. Such is another form of inspiration, another platform to know each other, learn each other and keep in touch and remind ourselves that there are someone at back who feels the same. Thank you Sonam for lifting me up to be with the community I love and treasure.

Who inspired you to blog?

I don’t really know what and who exactly inspired me to blog; when I entered college life, there was so many incidents both good and bad which I wanted to cherish and remember throughout my life. I googled what blog really meant (I knew vaguely what blog means before) and that was when I came across this platform. Since then I have been trying to define and do justice to serve its purpose. Blogging has taught me so many thing; I try to express my happiness and celebrate it here, I throw all the sadness, frustrations and get healed here. It is in fact a paper bin for all the emotions that makes my life. I try to learn new things, new ideas and get inspired from the fellow friends and indeed it has been a smooth journey till now.

How you remain active in blogging?
During college life, I used to try put into words from even small things that came across my daily life, all kind of rubbish. But lately I don’t think I am able to keep that trend. Even though I get so many good inspirations to relate and write upon, something has been distracting me. Yet whenever time favors me, I read at length the post of blogs I follow and keep up to. Therefore these days, more than writing my own lines and updating reading other’s has become my thing. Perhaps this is how I keep myself active in blogging.

A quote that guides your life.
Although I have no specific quote which I like it to be guiding me and my life (for there are enough that seems to guide and control us), I do like the following lines: “yesterday is but a water under the bridge, tomorrow a mere dream, today is all we have which is whay it is called present (gift); make best use of it”

What do you do during your leisure time?
Most of my leisure time is spent either reading or watching movies, but that is when I am alone. I like to read or watch movie alone, no distractions! At other times I am online on social network- Facebook and twitter; although I don’t chat or flirt, I like to keep it open and online be it PC or mobile which I don’t know the reason. I like to keep myself up to date with all the things going around breaking news especially and social network is a good platform actually. Sleeping is yet another best leisure time spent!

Thebook which you think shouldn’t be read next time.
When it comes to books and reading, even though I don’t have specific genres of liking, I like to be choosy. Some books attracts me by the mere title or its cover and some, even after friends or web tells me with all the best reviews and extracts, I don’t like. Lengthy ones are another that I don’t go with. And till now I have only read the ones which I would love to read it again. Perhaps that makes me a very poor reader or I have read very limited number of books?

Inspirational dialogues from one of the movies you watched recently.
I don’t know if it is inspirational or not, but I did like the following lines in a movie called Leap Year which I watched recently, it is an old movie though: “May you never steal, lie or cheat; but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows. And if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, then please cheat death”

In you view what makes a person smart/beautiful?
I think we are beautiful and smart in our own ways. And it goes on with situation to situation. The way we tackle particular problem makes us beautiful and smart differently. But all the more a person is most beautiful when he/she is true and the inner qualities excels the external and physical appearances.

The most embarrassing moment of life.
That awkward moment when you fail to live up to the expectations of yourself and people around. You and others expect so much and the result is just the opposite! 

Your thoughts on some people saying bloggers as ‘thought leaders’ in this century.

Blogging is special and creative in one’s own way and therefore bloggers are leaders, a master their own way. Some people blog for political reasons, some for money, and some for social cause, some blogs showcase their talents and creativity that includes art, fashion or tutorials, some blogs act as references to their life. Blogs do have the capacity to shake and shape. With the advancement in the e-technology, blogs would play a crucial role and bloggers would definitely determine in some way the courses of life we live.

My nominations:

1. Namgang chejey my good friend who blogs at my LITTLE VIEWS who doesn't write much but when he does, brings interesting and nice write ups.
2. Tempa Gyeltshen who blogs at The Eastern Sun who for sometime has not been able to write, perhaps he is too busy with his work and life. Hope he notices this and continue writing good pieces. He works at Supreme Court.
3. Jigme Zangpo at here who curently is at College of Science and Technology.

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