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Life is better singly

While two hands are must to clap make sound, does it not become a noise then if we aren’t careful or mindful? Sometimes I feel it is much better and easier singly. Everything becomes half then- the burdens and tensions, the responsibilities and the areas to worry and mind about. It becomes easy to manage and maneuver. People say life is incomplete without someone to lean and talk to; that we have the space between each fingers so that one day we will have someone who will fill and complete.

Well it may be true that there is someone who can fill that space, but to fill it with a tenderness of excellence, care and by someone who understands and appreciates with all the loving kindness of heart is rare. Because these are not something that comes without compromises and adjustments or side linings;  Such thing doesn’t come out of that vast blue sky, it needs to searched first, search with all head and heart, then nurture with all the affection and care. If we search it in the wrong place, it is a problem, and if we nurture carelessly, then also it becomes a problem.

If two decides to be one but can’t share equally the yoke of burden or any other thing for that matter, life can never be smooth; there is always a room for imbalance and instability. People say Love is blind, while I wonder how one falls in love without even seeing with one’s own heart. Yes life is imperfect but to thrive in the midst of this imperfectness is in our own hand and it is sad that often we are swayed by the mirage of unseen thorns and once we get pricked even by that tiny spike, we complain and nag as if it is the only us who get chosen; as if everything is perfect. But still, ultimately what matters is how we tackle as an individual, how we thrive as an individual in the midst these maze; how we react singly. 

Life is much better this way!

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If you are an engineering student in one of the engineering colleges of India, you would probably know what I am going to write about. GPL is one of the most prominent activities you will notice in the engineering college (I am not sure if it also exists in other colleges).  If you have birth day or if something good has happened to you, or get job, then you aren't escaped! You are treated even worse than the animal for a moment with hard leather belts, with slippers or even with rod of sticks until you have zebra crossings on your back. You don’t know whether to cry or to laugh. That is the immediate price of happening something good.
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