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Story from New Zealand -Part I

The world may be too vast physically,  we may be too far from each other, from our loved and desr oned, but thanks to so-called development and advancement on the field of science, technology and communication we have every means to connect each other, we have various social medias apps on mobile phones that h connect helps us rejoin with our loved ones,  irrespective of the place one resides and provided there is mobile connectivity of course. And thanks to our service providers - Bhutan Telecom and Tashi Cell, we have almost every parts of the country connected by mobile connectivity. So no matter where you are, in which part of this world you reside for what ever purposes you can easily connect, talk, and see each other. We can also hear, listen and watch through live streams anything that are happening in and around the globe and this is yet another plus point besides huge ill impacts that comes with it along.

Source: Facebook
Anyway the point is that provided one knows the limit, provided we are aware of the negative effects, it is very much Ok because what comes with  just plus points anyway? Well, it has been almost three weeks in foreign land and contrary to what people say about life abroad being always a wonderful one with nothing to lose, I am beginning to hate my stay here instead. I don't know why but yes despite everything at disposal,  despite the fact that the country and the people over here being so generous and kind,  I am already missing my own motherland! I miss my parents, my siblings, my work in particular and the favorite - chilli.

So today I was just browsing internet, reading news and face-booking. It was almost noon here at New Zealand which means 6AM in Bhutan. Madam Tshering Dema who is radio presenter with BBS Radio pinged me to say hello in Facebook and shared me a link to listen the live stream of BBS radio. And to my surprise it is working so perfectly here! The sound is loud, clean and crystal clear. She even asked us to write a dedication (kathuen) for our parents, relatives and loved one's so she can read for them on her program. I wrote a short prose and even listened when her programme aired after 8AM news. I hope my messages has been heard back at home especially my parents where radio is still the main form of communication and entertainment. The mobile connectivity has reached there just a year ago and the electricity has just been released and inaugurated recently.

listening the the live streamed BBS radio in foreign land, it just pushed me back to my village as a small kid herding cattle with a radio on one hand. whether it rained with blankets of clouds hovered or under the scorching sun, it was this small piece of equipment, the radio which was the sole companion besides animals. The emotional songs of lopen Kezang Dorji used to be the most popular back then. It makes me nostalgic, oh I miss it dearly! What do we have now? Just the memories! but the memories such as these fill in the holes created by the disorientation, the fallacies and the ills that life often begets during our course of so-called living. such kind of memories make us realize that we don't really need anything so glamorous to define one's happiness, that the more you have, the more you want and that it is the moments that matters after all.

Till then happy Sunday and days ahead folks....

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