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Weird Thoughts over Conversation

Hi! Hope everyone is doing well. As with me, life has been quite busy recently. With exams every week from practical and theory to computer based ones and at times working whole night, it has been quite a thing you know. Now that the three weeks of gruesome episodes are over, I thought why I don’t visit my long deserted blog. So many things are happening around and so fast that sometimes it is difficult to keep pace with. Anyway firstly I would like to express my good will appreciation and applause to the recently evolved blogger’s conference and the blogger App. It is an awesome and handy app which I like and since then I haven’t missed even a post or an updates from fellow bloggers. This is something I like to be part of although neither am I a good blogger nor have I the talent to be one. But like I always say, just to be part of it by merely following the ones who are and being able to read, learn and get inspired is more than worth being yourself you know. This is the power of so-called expressions- a simple combination of words and sentences; it grills and affects us in a good way. So it’s a way to go and please continue to do so. Meanwhile I have also read the pdf version of the Blogger community’s constitution which is so concisely and beautifully written. Thanks Rekha for sharing.

Well, you see time flies so first; I mean just within short span of time, it is already five months which means I just have five more months before I reach back Bhutan. I am extremely happy and obliged that life is treating me fairly for now and everything going just fine, but as a matter of fact, I have already missed my country, friends and family. I sometimes wonder as to why we as a people generally always crave for something we don’t have and how once when those cravings are fulfilled vanishes easily like puff and another thing rises to become one.

Well, anyway one evening last week, we friends were just having a little talk over varied things at our place. We were joined by Brother Tashi and his wife who recently came over here for studies. They were over our place for dinner. We talked about being Bhutanese over here and how life differs, how people over here are different and how Bhutan and Bhutanese could learn so much. We didn’t have drinks like earlier days for classes are still in full swing. Just then, our landlord reached from the work and greeted us with her usual smile and ‘Hi’. She directly went to open the windows. The fact is that for some reasons, people over here just doesn’t like the smell of Bhutanese dishes. No matter what curry we prepare, it doesn’t just suit them. So next time you are at New Zealand or Australia or anywhere, I presume the matter will be same (just an information) just know this..:P

We were having all the fun we could over conversation, reminiscing the moments back in Bhutan and how life plays so uniquely to bring strangers together. It is amazing you know how this short life has so much to give us. And how every episode is planned and kept in place. Anyway yes we could learn so much, I mean right from the dignity of labor we talk about so much back in the country. Back in the country, most of us grow up with the mindset that we study so we can get a sustainable and secured job, that too a white collar one. I wonder why there is even so called white and black color. At here nobody bothers whether you do what you do and this is kind of mind we ought to inculcate in the young budding minds. We need to learn to accept that whatever we do, whether it is on the chair with glaring screen of computer in front or whether it is something to do with broom in rain or sun, it is but a work after all and we ought to respect, and embrace with love. That is called dignity of labor. In fact at here people who work at construction site has more dignity, they are paid more for they have more risks and safety is another that is not treated lightly. An electrician or plumber or any other skilled labor has to be certified, otherwise you are not allowed to do any repair or fittings even if you are expert. There is equal division of skills and labor perhaps that is why there is little or no unemployment problem. Any grand dreams are the piles of little things and perhaps this is what Bhutanese must learn. I wonder how many Bhutanese rush and are ready to do anything in other countries and NOT when back. There are two mentalities and I think we really need to change.

 Like we often converse amongst us friends: “When we are here, we are students and there is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be bothered about but back in Bhutan we are engineers and we ought to keep that standard” This is not only funny but wrong as well and sadly most of Bhutanese have this kind of mindset. Still make a note of it, it isn’t late..;)


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