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 Do you ever realize how many times we tell sorry in a day? Who would have count anyway? But if we think, is it not the only words that may seem to keep us remain unruffled but never leaves us thinking like what have I done to get this or say this? What is wrong with me? Or something like did the ‘sorry ’really repaired the already damaged and gone-under water things?  Why say sorry when the damage is already done? It can never make dead man alive, one common sentence we often say. Of course it is a different story if we genuinely feel sorry ourselves and that we are ready to give a shot to redeem and change for ourselves; this is what I feel more important than just verbally convincing someone with the use of word ‘sorry’and hence I often hesitate to say sorry.  Otherwise I feel now days the word ‘sorry’ has become too casual and unrespectable in many ways.

Anyways recently there was an incident where I felt I should have said sorry to someone who deserves for he is older than me; whom I think I might have hurt his sentiment very much. He was full of complains afterwards may be because I was hesitant to say sorry because I felt the damage was already done and the word sorry would be of little help. Well, it wasn’t, perhaps because we all live in the world full of fake sorries and I failed to provide one. It was out of mere ego and I do regret for that genuinely. But like I said I am ready to move on with the new lesson I learned from that incident. Sometimes it is better to live without expectations you know, expectations breed imbalance in your sentiments which ultimately leads to feeling bad somehow and that’s where all problems arise.

But still I think the word sorry is rather an obstruction, and easy excuse for someone who is not genuinely ready to accept the reality. It hardly serves its purpose.  I mean when what has happened is already a past story why console with the word sorry instead of trying to contain the situation with other alternatives. But fortunately we all live in a society where it is OK to receive and give the word so easily, where it is OK to say sorry even after a disastrous failures.  Politicians give false hopes and it is OK to say sorry, social media out cries begging for sorry as if the sorry is so magical to turn the hands of clock. But like I said why say in the first place if you aren’t sorry after all?

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