Wednesday, 19 October 2016

13th October- Unforgettable Day

Life is strange you know.  So many things are happening and yet to us, it is the same and as usual. We hardly notice the change and the things that happen around us. Today is an important day for Bhutan and Bhutanese; a day to begin with prayer for long life of our king and queen; a day to celebrate over reminding ourselves that there is always hope with king and queen be side us at any cost.  I wish my king and queen a very happy wedding anniversary. May the land of thunder dragon always shine under your dynamic leadership and guidance!
Unfortunately it was a bad and sad day for me! I nearly escaped deadly accident. I don’t know how many has been lucky enough just like me today at the very same time. Some are just so unfortunate.  Just yesterday before I went to bed, I had this very disturbing news from Perth, Australia about a brother of mine by relation who is studying under government scholarship. There was this very disturbing note by himself on Facebook, a heart breaking confession. I really feel sorry. Compared to his, my incident is nothing. I just can’t imagine what has been going through his very mind after the doctor at the hospital told him that he has brain cancer. I can’t imagine how his single mom is going through right now back at home. The last time I heard about him, I am told he is still missing from his room in the college campus and the police are still searching! Where ever he is I pray that he is safe and sound. Brother, you just can’t give up. Sometimes I just wonder why it is just that only the good people have to be the ultimate victim of such diseases and why bad things often happen to only the good people? He is very good and a loyal son to his mother, a very dedicated student to teachers and a very promising career was awaiting his way. Well, life isn’t fair always you see.
Anyway after today’s incident I have learnt some very basic yet very important lessons.  Often we get lost to find our true self, we get what we give and sometimes we have to literally die as well to born anew. A kind reminder of bad dream and a second of delay or distraction keeps you alive. This shows how fragile our precious life is. An ill luck whatsoever is ought to happen no matter what and one just can’t escape. Yet if you still have a ration left, even a small amount, it takes you to that safe land as far as possible so you still have a day more to see the rise and set of sun, a moment more to reflect upon yourself of the real purpose, a minute more to differentiate who your true friends really are and what and who matters after all. At very critical times even a stranger comes forth with consolations like “Are you alright? It okie, everything is gonna be alright” and there is nothing more soothing and comforting moments in such in situations. No matter how greedy or money-minded one maybe, or broke one is, at times of emergencies and incidents like this, Bhutanese people flocks like sheep over to lend their helping hand and that’s the very essence of being Bhutanese. Humanity does exist you know. Of course there is another group, who just comes in take pictures instead and share in the social Medias but that is a different story which is disgusting actually.  I am very humbled by the show of such kind gestures and I remain indebted. Thank you so very much.

I have only heard before how people actually get affected not by the shock, but by the aftermaths of shock and just today only I have realized how true it is actually. People don’t die because of the actual shock, but because of the effects of shock!  

-13th October Diary, Time: 1030PM