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Surviving in Thimphu

Thimphu is a beautiful city to live in, it is clean and peaceful. Foreigners called it a “very beautiful village” just because it is a small town despite being the capital city of tiny country. It has evolved from once a thick forest with lush forest into a so-called modern city with concrete buildings all over. The usual chirping of bird is replaced by noisy and busy honks of cars. The serene light of moon at night is replaced by various patterns of modern electric lights. All in all, Thimphu really has changed and it has rather become and expensive one to live.

And to dwell in it and make living isn’t an easy loaf of bread! It may be a small village to foreigners or big-wigs, yet to a common men surviving at Thimphu is hard and difficult. The so-called development has brought in with it so many challenges and hardships. As much as one would love to stay and work at here, for all the facilities, be it health, social or a sense of emotional comfort or business, there is an equal if not more burdens as to how one is able to survive and avail those services. Mind it every blessing comes at price which is often expensive. Perhaps that’s why there are all sorts of juvenile crimes on the rise like theft, robbery and murder. Because when the society and the circumstances demands beyond one’s ability, beyond one can afford, people resort into all kind of crazy acts. And the sad thing is that it’s only going to get worse. The only viable solution is to get used to it.

It hardly matters if you are but a graduate, having a decent job and earning a good income at the end of the month or not, because those services and the landlords doesn’t see if you are earning less or more. They don’t see if you have large number of siblings to look after and take care or not. They don’t see if you are from poor back ground or not.  When half of your pay goes to landlords as a rent; the other ten percent to bills which are countless; what are you gonna to do with the remaining? To feed yourself and family or support your siblings and parents who think you are an officer and that you are earning so much? That is why surviving in Thimphu is tough. That is why it is a make or break situation to live in Thimphu.

I wonder how people manages to smile at the end of day despite all the challenges and hardships they face every day and I realize that perhaps that’s what we Bhutanese really are in general in the core. Despite all the complains and criticisms we still remember the triple gem and pay homage, we still manage to pray and thank ; perhaps that’s the ultimate purpose of life to go on with the flow least bothered by the swaying winds of greed, agony and fear? I finally realize that you don’t need number of buildings and acres of land to thrive. Well then am I content? Have I enough? Perhaps! Because I am surviving!

Until next time, Thank you.

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