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Call with Dad

After tiring day at work, Sonam went straight home to take rest, to take a short nap, but the sleep was nowhere near, so he decided to call his dad back at village just to see if his mom and dad were doing good. At the other end of the connection, his father’s voice looked tired and exhausted. He felt pity! He inquired if his dad was alright. Well, his wasn’t sick, only tired from the day’s work. His dad has been continuously working in the jungle with the rocks, making piece of bricks to construct house for some people in return for some cash. Sonam felt real pity and told why he has to get involved in such heavy works at this age; that he can of help, now that he is employed and settled.  His dad is almost 60 years now. His father’s reply shocked and made the tears roll down his cheeks.

His father said: “How much and how many people will you help? Even you are not sufficient yourself; having tough time meeting the ends” Sonam felt wounded, filled with guilt like someone shot a direct arrow to his heart. “What have I done? Did I forget that parents should be the first priority for any child? Did I just forget that what I am today is because of them? Did I just make the biggest blunder by marrying too early and starting my own family too early” he wondered. That one sentence left him blank for some time until his dad at the other end said what happened?  Sonam said he was fine and that there was some glitch in the connection instead. He felt devastated with guilt. His dad wasn’t finished yet and said that he was going to try even harder when his strength can so he doesn’t have to bother him. Sonam felt guilty even more, the guilt of being a useless and helpless kid.
“Are you there sonam?” his father said.

“I am sorry, something came up, I have to go. I will call you back. Please take care papa and give regards to mom. Bye” sonam replied and disconnected the call.
Back on the couch, sonam wasn’t busy nor did something come up. He couldn’t believe the change life has brought about upon his life; he couldn’t resist the guilt, thinking what his aging parents has had to go through whole of their life for their sake - first bringing them up, giving education and now for their own sake when its time instead to reap their work with their children preparing for their next encounter- Death.
Is this so-called the cycle of life?  He wondered…..

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If you are an engineering student in one of the engineering colleges of India, you would probably know what I am going to write about. GPL is one of the most prominent activities you will notice in the engineering college (I am not sure if it also exists in other colleges).  If you have birth day or if something good has happened to you, or get job, then you aren't escaped! You are treated even worse than the animal for a moment with hard leather belts, with slippers or even with rod of sticks until you have zebra crossings on your back. You don’t know whether to cry or to laugh. That is the immediate price of happening something good.
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Bhutan is a small developing country with small population of approximately about 7 lakhs. The developmental philosophy is Gross National Happiness (GNH) which has gained so many worldwide appreciation and praise. But on the other hand, like any other developing or developed countries, Bhutan has its own share of problems and challenges. Youth unemployment problem is one of the most challenging one that Bhutan is facing and we can’t really afford to stand and stare this exponential growth each passing day. With the development of a people, society and country at large, youth unemployment is becoming a major problem which affects not only individuals, but also the society in every region. And to solve this problem, it is not only the sole responsibility of a government or agencies, non-governmental organizations or private companies or corporations, but a collective responsibility. All must go together hand in hand. Otherwise it would be too far from realizing it and the concept of GNH…