Sunday, 28 March 2021

If Only

 If only you had the the wing

To fly away high and and sing

The melodious songs of sorrow

For tomorrow alys isn't on your brow

If only you had the power

To know all and be good lover

For love is eternal,  a strength

A guide that drives us through

If only you had the magic

To not use brain or apply logic

But life is magic in itself

So full of miracles, just believe

If only you could go back

And mend your past 

Forgive, forget and forgo

For you don't know what after hello

If only you could see the future

Avoid mishap, take pause and be sure

For future is bleak, yet so sure

Death finds us all - rich and poor

If only one could admit the fact

That we are all here for time being

For this is the path we all tread along

Alone we came and alone we shall go

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