Monday, 11 April 2022

Getting caught by the Virus

It's been more than two long years since the first detect of COVID-19 virus. Bhutan under the magnanimous guidance of his majesty the king and the government have kept it bay, despite several lockdowns; despite at the cost of many like economy in particular but ultimately it was never going to be forever up until the virus gained it's penetration. However the good thing was in two years time, Bhutan was able to administer three doses of vaccines for all eligible even for the children aged 5 which is but a huge achievement in itself.

Since 4th April, the government lifted all the restrictions within the country; in other words living with the virus was kinda concept the government adopted. Since then the cases in the community began to shoot up each day, although deaths due to the virus has been minimal. Since then for anyone to get caught by the virus has become inevitable and too easy which has exactly happened with me. Yes I have caught the virus and I have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

I started developing minor symptoms on the evening of 6th April. The initial symptoms were uneasiness at the throat, just like the onset of a common flu. On the same night, I started to have fever and headache and also joint pains. I didn't go for the check on the 7th expecting the symptoms to get severe. As a precaution, since 6th April, I also started isolating myself at home; inside the bedroom from other family members as well for I got an unvaccinated four years boy and a diabetic patient mother in-law at home. I had to be extra cautious. Since then it's have been so far so good. The virus hasn't penetrated among other family members as yet.

I decided to get tested on the 8th as I had symptoms and also I didn't want the risk of spreading the virus to other innocent people. As expected, I was positive and the clinical team at the testing center advised me the do and don'ts for the next one week. They also handed me vitamin c, paracetamol tablets and a paper with the guidelines of do and don'ts.

The onset symptoms were exactly like the common flu, a mild one at the beginning followed by fever and headache which was harsh to me personally. I couldn't even sleep on the first night due to fever and headache. The next day, the fever and headache subsided and then coughing began to surface. My nose got blocked and runny nose also set in. Fortunately I didn't lose the appetite. As the medical professional's advice is to take lots of fluids and vitamin C rich vegetables and fruits, I started resorting to that and it's been quite fine for now.

The larger picture that all people, especially the majority of Bhutanese seem to care less is the notion that the virus is equivalent to and no more than just the common flu. My personal experience has taught me that it isn't. I don't really know for how long the so-called long COVID effects will last. I can feel the weakness and it isn't normal at all. Our body made up of four elements is real fragile! It is never to be taken lightly; I don't know how the virus caught me. I was always masked in the office, carried sanitizer in the car and in the uniform jacket pocket and also washed hands frequently, being mindful not to tough my face. Yet despite all this precautions and protocols, I nevertheless caught the virus. Therefore what I personally feel is perhaps particular immunity also determines how easily one catches the virus. My friends whom I have contacted still haven't developed symptoms yet. It was on 5th April, when a colleague of mine was tested positive with whom we are frequently engaged with due to nature of work. I was thinking myself that if he is positive, the next would surely be me and I wonder if the psychological strength also plays a role here in getting the virus. This is just my wild opinion.

Anyways the toughest challenge for me was to keep the virus to myself and not at all give to other members of the family. My four year son also understood despite at such a tender age, but I felt terrible for abandoning him when he needed as his mother is also away just when I was tested positive. Nevertheless I am hoping to come over trumphiant despite all these setbacks.

My only message is take good care of yourself because it's something that's totally under your control. It's always better to not get contacted for there are many invisible prices we pray after we are caught. Prevention surely is better than cure!!

Take care!

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