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Questions we might ask our self

Bhutan is a peaceful country with no discrimination of any kind, but just for the sake of argument, if we look broadly in skeleton, we find that western part of the country is more developed in terms of any kind like infrastructure or living standard than the eastern. This is probably because of the so many reasons like the location of capital and most industries in the western region. Most part of the Eastern Bhutan are either only on the path towards so-called the development or some parts are yet to taste its flavor. This is just the fact.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the place where we come from is a hell lot to be imagined! Our Geog center is yet to be connected by the farm road and I am not ashamed to say it again here that even after about seven years, the road construction is just on midway to its destination, which otherwise in normal case would take at the maximum three or four years (my own estimation). And it will be still couple of years when people over there get the electricity. These are very  precursors to any kind of developments and we are still a long way to go.

Such scenarios instill in us so many questions as to why and what is wrong? The prime Minister of country made a gracious visit to the place recently (till the place connected by the road-Minjiwoong). It was perhaps his first visit after his government came into power and sadly he was unable to visit Lauri Geog, the remotest,  which isn't connected by road yet. When part of the places in Zhemgang, which are just like ours (or even worse!) were fortunate enough to have the privilege of making audience with his excellence in their own village, our people (of Lauri geog) weren't that fortunate. Instead, our people had to walk a day for that. My father called me that day at 5:00 AM to share the information that they were on the way to Minjiwoong.

With regards to developmental activities, the Prime Minister said that it was the most disappointing and poorest and asked the gewogs for good and convincing reasons for the slow progress. And that's unfortunate again. This raises another bunch of questions both to the people and government at large. Why such questions and sentiments at the very last moment, when the government is at the door of dissolution? Why not a little earlier before it was late or when it was amendable?

I think the glass is almost broken now and we need to go to the factory and re-process again right from the beginning.

With five political parties readying and preparing themselves in the next election, there is gonna be a huge tug of war. We also have more choices and at the same time extra responsibilities. Sometimes too much choices tends to destroy our very instinct and we become easy prey, but still with every guidance from the wise and educated and awareness, hope there is difference. Hope there shed some direct lights with better intensity.

Since its now water under the bridge what people need to think is ahead and forward. What we choose to do and exercise our own rights and prerogatives will determine our own future.

Few questions we might ask our selves and leap forward are:
1.What prominent changes do we foresee and expect ?
2. What do we aspire within our own prerogative?
3. How do we go for it?

What are your concerns and opinions?

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