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The Three Deadliest Words in the world

The past week has kept me busy. When the friends and fellow Bhutanese were having good time celebrating the 33rd birth day of our beloved king, the fifth Druk Gyalpo, I had my first unit exams. I had no good time even to wish my king, yet better late than never, I would like to wish my king a very happy birth day, may the blessings of Buddha Amitayus always be with you and may the eternal sun of happiness always shine in the land of thunder dragon under your kind guidance and dynamic leadership.

People say there are choices to everything; I don’t know how far this is true. There is a time when nothing works and you have nothing but to resort to certain things which isn't your choice. A lot of choices on the other hand seem to spoil the very sanctity of our good instinct, while no choice is but a curse that haunts and leave us dejected. Sometimes we end up making wrong choices that result a lot of regrets later. Does the god play dice too?

Some days back, I was randomly browsing the internet when I caught a sentence: “the three deadliest words in the world” Do you know what that is? The three deadliest words in the world is: “it’s a Girl” I wasn't shock to know this, but what really shocked me was by the fact that a woman in the southern India strangled eight of her own new born child just because they were all girls. In a TED talk by Evan Grae Davis, the director of the documentary ‘it’s a girl’(below) says that 200 millions of women are missing! That’s a hell lot to be imagined. The talk (video) say it all.

Well, Bhutan as such neither have one child policy or similar son preference culture like China nor do we have a system like dowry as India, which is but the biggest cause for  the lost of women, I think we do have increased rape cases, domestic violence and other harassment against women. There are shocking news  about such cases in the medias and this only means a question of how different are we from the rest of world. Of course the organizations like NCWC and RENEW are doing their best to protect and lift up the image of women in the country which is very much appreciated.

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