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Every one of us have stories to tell about how we landed into the kind of job we are doing right now and for those of you whose turn hasn’t come yet, be prepared to make one. Some are sad, pity and encouraging while others are just plain and normal. I have my own story.
After graduation the word “JOB” was only my word and mantra. I walked with it, slept with it and dream about it. I really needed to find job, not because I wanted a lavish life or were jealous about other’s life or not because I had the certificate of bachelor’s degree. Those were just the requirements. First I had huge responsibility as the only first member of family to have studied thus far. I have so many siblings to look after, expense and educate them besides my aged parents. I could never keep the yoke of burdens on my uneducated parents. They already have had enough with educating me. I have given them experience all the pain, all the torture, frustrations and all the form of struggles. I needed to share their burdens, their worries, and getting job was the only option I had then.
The second reason I needed to get job was more of a personal thing. I am very reserved and small-minded introvert kind of person. I needed to settle myself. I tell you if you don’t have close siblings of your own at Thimphu or anywhere, it is very difficult to survive. It is so uncomfortable to live and stay with so-called relatives. You are their guest perhaps for just the first week at the maximum, then you are but a liability. They may not tell you in person, perhaps it’s beyond their courtesy as relative, as a person, but it is for sure that so many things are said behind your back.  But then what choice do we have? I had to bear, bear with all the courage which was but the combination of shame, guilt, sadness and frustrations. Luckily I have had very understanding cousins who understood all the nitty-gritty of life as a jobless, homeless and penniless fellow and I would like to believe that what they did and said were all from their heart. They have never frown at me or showed displeasing face. They have helped me with everything they could even financially. Perhaps they were pretending in front of me? Well, I don’t care, I am so much thankful and I owe them a lot.So I needed to be independent, free of all those insecurities and I needed job!

Most people (including you) would say that you study to learn, to educate yourself, expand one’s horizon of knowledge, to help others (for some); but for me there was one more genuine reason that I studied so hard.  I needed to help myself first! I needed to get Job and the main driving force was this three letter word: J-O-B. I studied because I needed to get job. “Only after I get job, will I decide what is next” was my only mantra, a constant thought and a firm reminder. I was never choosy in hunting for jobs. Soon after the college, there was a vacation for Huawei company in collaboration with TashiInfocomm Ltd in which I fulfilled the criteria I applied, wrote the written exam which was like what the hell? The questions were not related to my subjects and I was rejected. Then series of organizations announced vacancy announcement (BPC, BBS and Drukair). It wasn’t waste trying and each time I submitted my documents, it was with prayer that I be the one who is selected. I wrote exams in all of it and Drukair Corporation Ltd was the first to shortlist their candidates for interview in which I was one. After my first interview in life, I was selected.
And now here I am as a Trainee Engineer thinking about the mantra. Although it is just the beginning and that there are still so long a journey, everything has been going pretty well.

Come 19 and it will be my first anniversary as being employed, as being independent (my own definition)but I tell that getting job isn’t the ultimate solution to every problems!Also not every career you choose is ideal; there are friends who have joined various company some of which are so lucrative and they still complain about not being sufficient and it seems the world now is driven by money. Everywhere it’s only about money, money and money. And I think it is perfectly normal; that is how life is perhaps?

Anyway one thing I have learned throughout is yes it does make a huge difference especially in Bhutan where nepotism is so very existent. We hear about the recruitment process being jeopardized and interfered by the big hands and for less fortunate People like us where we are nobody in the arena, where we have nothing to lean and nothing to push us up but just our own strength and fortune to pull, We ought to believe in our self, have faith in almighty and work hard. We ought to make it happen our self and these are only our options. And at the end no matter what kinda discouraging rumors we hear, we still have our reward returned which is all that matters! The best is to do our own home work and be prepared! What’s your story?

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