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Series of Serious Thought

It is for the second time that i am asked about the kind of work i do and the dress i wear at work. Last month  a distant cousin of mine called me to help him at the terminal; it was his first time travelling on a flight; he was going for masters. Along with him was his close uncle who came to see off him. He is a respectable man back at village. we shook our hands and the first question he asked me was what exactly i was doing at the terminal. I told that the terminal wasn't exactly the place i work and that we as an engineering personnel maintains aircraft, to which he wasn't satisfied by the answer i gave. Then he scanned me physically, he was particularly intrigued by the external reflector shirt i wore from the outside. i wasn't surprised when he said: "hangten ya ne zo ra thath pa awa chos ne" [literally, how is that you are adorned with such a shabby dress?] . The general expectation of people like them for every employed individual is seem them dressed handsomely with white collar around a dashing gho and shining shoes with breath taking perfume around; for them employed means that he has to have a office to himself with a desktop in front.

I don't have it all and i did not argue and explain much further, what would i achieve from this? it won't make me small either. I just smiled and said that this is what my work demands. He then asks me about how much pay i get, to which also i was plain. I told that it is just the beginning and is just a hand to mouth. I don't know what message he took back home, i couldn't even buy him a cup of coffee for i had to attend the aircraft that very instant, but i did not care! This is me, this path is what i chose and i am happy with it, It hardly matters what other people say.

Then today again, i went inside the terminal to help my cousin brother, a teacher who was going Delhi again to do master to Indian college. He was accompanied by his wife to see off again. this time again, i was wearing the same dress.
"You are graduate and you have to wear like this like any other people around mo?" she says as soon as we greeted each other.
"yea and is it not OK?" i reiterated with a smile on my face.
"Just asking!"

I don't know but yes, i gave a serious thought about these all and ultimately my conscience tells me that it is completely fine! just because one have a degree certificate doesn't deserve all that some office goers have. I think work is something that interests you, that satisfies you and something that makes you happy and suits you well, never something that suits others around you.
Yes there are people who underestimates engineers and especially in aviation, hardly do people realize the work that is undertaken by engineers back under the closed hangar. Hardly do people realize the grease stained hands that makes the aircraft fly in to air of clouds; pilots are highly respected and recognized and in fact they should be and they does deserve, for they are but the very actors,but behind them is also an engineer, who strives hard and who does all the back ground scores. well, i am too young  for now to even say this, i am just the beginner and i am still learning, but yes sometimes i feel that it is too much when people without even thinking blames, underestimates and underscores engineers.

So next time you come across any one trying to judge you by the external attire, don't give shit damn, its OK as long long as you are fine yourself!

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