Tuesday, 28 July 2020


These days the news feed on Facebook are all about the people blaming  RSTA for not being able to avail the renewal of their vehicle documents. With RSTA limiting the number of people to 100 before lunch and 50 after lunch, most drivers are frustrated over the poor service delivery from RSTA. But an alternative to this has fairly been addressed by RSTA with the development of an App called mRSTA.

I personally feel it's a good initiative. Specifically when the whole world is transitioning to the digitised world, it's very timely. I have installed and even used once to show to the traffic police when I was asked to show my lisence on their regular high way check. It's a convenient App. We can apply for the renewal of the registration certificate. It also shows the history of fines and offences  your lisence and the registered car on your name has taken place since it's been on the road beside your copy of lisence with authorized drive types.

If you aren't aware of it yet, it's available both for the Android and the iOS. The obvious advantage of this app is when you forget your lisence in purse/wallet at home. Since when do you forget your Mobile phone right? 

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