Sunday, 2 January 2022

Being part of Druk Thuksey Award

Its almost nine years since I first joined Drukair corporation Ltd. Yes, there has been some hiccups in between, some disappointments on the personal level; but it has also been a great learning experience; a joyous ride; being part of an organization that's the gate way to the outside world. Even though from that shadow of the wheels; in rains and in sun, I have got to experience some of the most unimaginable and valuable experiences and lessons one can ever get in life.  Life isn't always about the good days and memories, it's the other side also, the scars, the least imagined moments that often stays with you and when you look back, it's like how did you get through that and something that brings smile to your face! 

Drukair as a company has been flying high with number one priority as the safety; safety for the aircraft and the safety for the people for the last glorious forty years with no major accidents or incidents. Safety is and should be the priority for the Drukair for it will automatically bring in the other two "Ss" as his majesty the king often stresses: Safety, Standard and Service. COVID 19 pandemic did wreck the whole aviation industry world wide, Drukair being no exception; yet Drukair has been fortunate enough to have been able to to carry out its sacred duty. As a national flag carrier, Drukair has been able to operate minimal flights ( repatriation and Cargo -  mainly the medical supplies for government) in such rough and tough times thanks to the magnanimous guidance from the throne, the government's relentless effort to keep it at bay. Drukair has been able fulfill its mandate despite the wreckage left by the pandemic. Aviation industries are still running on losses due to pandemic and are yet to recover now that the new variant "Omicron" has come up. 

And in the midst of it all its such an honor when his majesty the king, our very savior, our godly compassionate guiding star  awards the company with one of the highest award- Druk Thuksey award along with other organizations: RHBSL, UNDP and BEAR. Its great to be part of the organization that receives it. It gives an immense sense of joy and an extra energy to rededicate  and improve our service. 

My personal take on this award is that it is an indication of not only recognition of the tremendous service performed by the organization in the last forty years as a national flag carrier that opened the gate to the people outside; for the showcase of "brand" Bhutan- the last Shangri-la to the outside world, thereby promoting  national sovereignty but also shouldering us and wishing us to do and be more. It is the Royal's hope to work even more harder, smarter and most importantly the royal's fervent wish to get up and get through the hard times that the organization is going through right now particularly due to the impact of pandemic. This cannot be the excuse for our failure. For us, as part of it, for the employee and colleagues, it's an extra responsibility to keep up with the royal wishes; to mind our own business and continue fulfilling our sacred mandate- discharge our services, as humble service providers.

It's a precarious road ahead for the aviation industry world wide, though it's slowly recovering. For a tiny airline like Drukair, it is even more harder and a challenge. Yet like I said before, by the grace of koenchog sum, summed up by the gracious royal guidance, Drukair has sailed thus far without having to lay off any employees unlike other airlines. Its such a wonderful time to reflect upon ourselves about the tremendous responsibilities that comes with huge recognition such as this and work towards keeping it up and maintaining that bar set up by the award such as this. It is the perfect time to leap bound and bounce back stronger. 

For a small airline like Drukair, we may not have luxuries and resources like others, but we have their majesties, our beacon of hope. The most important thing is to keep in mind the three "Ss" as our priority; our guiding principle like i said before and work towards upholding and promoting it. 

As the new year has already knocked on our doors, I resolute my self to once again to rededicate, commit and put on extra effort in my everyday work and be mindful of the his majesty's golden address on the 114th national day.

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