Tuesday, 15 May 2012


God to a NINE year month baby: You are to be born on earth tomorrow. 
Baby (crying): How i will talk with people?
God: I already sent an angel to earth, she will teach you.
Baby: How will i pray to you?
God: The angel will teach you.
Baby: How will i know good or bad?
God: Angel will teach you
Baby:If i suffer from sorrow?
God: Angel will be there to listen
Baby: How do i find that angel?
God:Very simple; people called it 'MOTHER' 

Everything on this earth has alternatives, everything on earth can be replaced, bought on our own wish. But there are two things that are beyond our reach, which has neither alternatives nor can they be bought with all the heaps of wealth we have. And they are our parents: FATHER and MOTHER. Apart from the obvious facts of carrying us nine months and making us a real human beings what is more special about them is the LOVE for their children. No matter what kind of child we are, no matter how much we distress or annoys them, they have this unwavering LOVE, which never dies.  the love they have for their children is but TRUE and ETERNAL.
In Buddhism we say every living beings are our parents in this timeless existence, but to me particularly i feel the parents in this very life is all we have got in person, we can see with our own eyes, we can feel them and we know how much they  struggles to bring us up. And if at least we know the very value of present parents, i think our purposes will be well served for all the timeless parents.
I still remember the time when i was kid, when i used to nag mother for a coin and a packet of processed maize ('Ashaam Tengma') every day and my mother would without any reluctance prepare and send. And if at all she failed i used to get irritated and not go to school, how silly was I? Then my mother used to console me, say all the sweetest words and make me alright. That is the nature of mother; never tried of loving, never even caring; never tried of doing anything in their life for the sake of their children even at the cost of their own life. One time i bunked the class and went for fishing with a friend. In the evening my parents were already aware of that and my father was too much irritated that he directly came to beat me up, but before his hand reached my head, mother came in between and saved me. These are few things that reminds me everyday why they (both did as such). This incident particularly shows how parents are to their children, father shows his fatherly character so that the child never repeats, so that child is aware of his own mistake, while there is this gentle and soft mother who shows her children the value of simplicity and softness.

I know i can never repay what the parents have done to me, however the will to serve them with utmost dedication and loyalty is what i always wish and want. This is what keeps me going. This is what inspires and motivates me.May be at then end of day i will be able to satiate my self  and say that yes i have done my job. That is what i shall do in my short life and i swear to you my parents in this special day: MOTHER"S DAY 2012.