Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Some incidents and moments in life are never forgotten no matter what. The first crush, the first proposal and may be even the first passionate kiss and love too (for i am yet to go through this though..:(..:...). The worst ever fight on the other hand, the simple acts that wounds the heart, the silly beating by teacher and the parents are some of the most common things that stays somehow with us forever.
And if ever there is an instrument to measure and compare all these emotions, i might just be the first one to implement it and probably the very last one to leave.

Remembering the past good moments re-energies us, rejuvenates us and motivates us to higher heights. However even a touch on that worst ever and delicate spot of hurt, betrayal and hate cuts the wound even more deeper. Sometimes we are left with nothing but to curse our self for being that silly unable to forgive and forget. And to me particularly, the worst ever character is that once such things occurs its is really difficult to rub it. Even if i make my mind to forgive and forget, it is just impossible. What i really believe is the theorem of reciprocity and bidirectional. If someone seems good to me, i try to be best in all the possible ways, i like to be more closer, yet again if something happens for awkward and silly reasons and hurts me,then it stays with me unless I am begged with pardon .and considerations. The good thing though is when ever i see myself o the wrong arena, I immediately try to beg pardon. This is what my life is, only my life...

Well, it is but a fact that every thing will change and every thing changes, yet the little corner of my heart always say that there are always exceptions to anything, that's to say that change isn't inevitable every time and every where.
Behind curtain of every Hero, there is most dangerous Villain.
Behind every setting of sun there is always glorious morning sun waiting
Behind every wounded heart, there is always a soothing and healing pair
Just like behind every real image there is but Shadow.
what comes to us go somewhere, but yet again, something in life are never meant to meet, just as some friends are never meant to be forever. May be that is what a real life is: Indefinite, unfathomable and incomplete as well....