Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Intricacy of Life

Life is a big puzzle; when one part of it is solved, another line of it comes on the other side and it is not very simple. We go to bed with smile and the next morning we wake up being opposite. We go to the classes in the morning with all the energies and interest to learn something new only to realize in the evening back at hostel room that you learnt nothing. You aspire to spend time with the loved ones, yet such times are rarely favoured. Life is rather a necessary compromise.

In the first class of my Human Resource Management (HRM) class which is my open elective subject in the final semester, the teacher asked a question to the floor: What is the most important asset in an Organization? The crowded class murmured 'Human resource'. The teacher somehow heard this and added, why? The class was silent for a while. One friend stood up from the chair and answered that human resource is the most important asset because all other assets are being controlled by humans and that men is the sole factor in determining the organization's state. The teacher then said his answer, which we hardly think of: “We can never change the mind of a man, therefore human resource is the most important asset in organization” Indeed the answer is so right and obvious. An individual gets into an organization, feeds there, grows there, reaps all the fortunes he can and when any kind of better opportunities pops up, he leaves the former for the greener one and the organization that has given him so much has very little or no say.

Well, the point is who knows us so perfectly and completely as a person, as an individual? Is it our lifelong partner whom we share our life since we tie knot? Our parents who brought us up with all the love and care to become a wonderful person as we are now? Or our siblings whom we shared same bite from the same plate of meals? Or is it the friends who are by your side in both good and bad times? Or the boss in front of whom we always try to be good and decent?

Nobody knows me, yes nobody will ever know me for sure and as a matter of fact I also don't know anybody perfectly.

Everything we define is but our own interpretation and perception. But the irony is we spent whole of our time trying to understand the theories and propositions of some unknown people without which we can't even walk. These are inevitable in our life and we can’t escape. These things shape our life and we are all defined by that. Who exactly knows the scene behind that C-shaped smile a person gives or behind that funny laughter? We have politicians (both good and bad) gearing hard to woo and fill their vote tanks; we have the slow and bumbled bureaucracy trying hard not to be swayed by politics; frustrated and unemployed youths endeavoring every means to tackle themselves to and vast majority of innocent people having hard time to make ends meet.

Where do all these end at the set of dusk? It all boils down to individuality, fighting to win our won battle and such is the intricacy of so called Life.

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