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The special Quota for women

To me politics is about making the right choice using our own prerogative, it is about exercising our abilities to the best of our efforts and render the obligated service. And specially in Bhutan where democracy came as a gift from the golden throne unlike other countries which came through struggle and strife, I feel we Bhutanese (both men and women) have rather fantastic opportunity to put into a good use.

Yet the percentage of women is less in every field not just in politics! And that is where people talk about some special quota system for women. Yes women play an important role in the society. They are the root of nurturing love, kindness and respect; however this should not mean that they be entitled to a special quota. While it might have a better impact and possibly better immediate results yet it definitely wouldn’t last long for sure.

Special quota for the women might undermine the very rights of an individual in the long run. It is the precursor to complacency which depreciates their very potential and moral responsibilities. This would ultimately lead to unhealthy environments hovered with incompetent and unproductive portion. If women think they are left out, there are always platforms to raise voice and make it heard. Women must prove themselves that they are equally capable, that they can equally lead and make changes as men. The willingness and confidence must come from within genuinely and naturally and not because of some reservation or some kind of coercion. As the fruit made to ripen naturally is always tastier than the one artificially ripen by the use of some gases?

Quota system may also be the precedence of very dangerous trend; this may or may not be applicable in Bhutan’s system but see for instance, in India, there is special quota for the backward state people for their education. This has very good mission of leveling the haves and have-nots but time has only proven that it is more of harm than good. Affluent and powerful people misuse this privilege for their own benefits and it’s pathetic to see people changing their own surnames to be entitled to such reservation scheme. So the question we might ask our self is whether such quota system will really benefit our women in the long run?

If Bhutan really wants to empower women I feel there are other better ways, which are becoming visible now with awareness and I think we need to further that. We have equal opportunities for men and women, no such thing as gender discrimination (at least on papers)  and I think this is but very perfect environment where incompetent can become competent, where weak and feeble can gain strength, where voiceless can voice. The typical traditional notions of women must be eradicated from the mind set of every Bhutanese people.

What do you think of women and quota system? Do our women really need quota system, not just in politics, but others too?

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