Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Joy of Tweeting

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I heard a lot about twitter since I joined college, celebrities and politicians having controversy over the ruthless and careless tweets and news papers covering every detail behind such tweet remarks, yet I have never taken keen interest to use it until recently, although I created the account some years back. But now believe me or not I swear if you have no account and you are not using twitter, you miss so many things the social media has to provide.  It is one platform where you get to express everything and in return where you get updates of any kind of information from the anywhere. Yes it is worth using. You can follow certain people or organization you wish to know about. It is a flexible platform with certain word limitation which is cool to me; it teaches us to make concise yet a meaningful sentence, a short and sweet sentence.

It is not even a month that I have been so active on twitter when ever time spares me and just within this time, It has given me tremendous information, I have pretty good twitter friends. Some very active Bhutanese twitters like @JigsNews@BHTXpress and @Drowawangcha, tweets all-round areas, latest updates of social importance, Jokes, health and politics. And just being a mere witness with their update is marvelously enriching. All five political parties are also active on twitter and face book and it is very convenient platform to know them and their manifestos. Of course on the other hand, there is also the argument of wasting unnecessary time, yet if you know the value of it, I think it's worth wasting.

Just last week I had some doubts regarding the electoral process in Bhutan and fortunately the chief Election commissioner Dasho Kuenzang Wangdi is active in twitter (he is active on Face book too).  It was but the most rejoicing moment that Dasho kindly gave me quick reply making me crystal clear about the election process.
So if you still haven't experience this platform you should give a try once and taste its flavor. Follow me @Gnawehst and let me follow you...:)

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