Wednesday, 7 November 2012

"Four more years": Barack Obama

Yesterday as Bhutanese walked to various temples and monasteries coinciding the Lhabab Duchen and the Pedestrian day, (perhaps the holiest pedestrian day!) a few million Americans walked to exercise their voting franchise for the 45th president.
Mr. Obama, the current president and the democratic candidate was challenged by the Republican counterpart Mr. Mitt Romney- a Millionaire and the former Governor of Massachusetts.
"Four more years" (Facebook)
Both candidates were almost at tie, from various online polls, and the most 'hard to predict results' ever in presidential election history of America. But ultimately that was just an online, when the electoral results were out, Barack Obama had an easy won over his counterpart.

I watched all the three presidential debates held before the elections and for reasons I don't know, I silently liked only to hear what Mr. Obama was saying. May be that was because I am fan of him.  Mr. Mitt Romney, through out the debates seemed to have only one Point- The Economy of America. Everything he said all converged to Economy and Unemployment, which to me seemed unbalanced, and one sighted.

Well, I am nothing to judge, I am just the ardent fan of Obama, not just because he is the most powerful man on earth (as president) but, as an intellect, as a great orator and as a human being. The way he tackles every disasters, the way he accepts his responsibilities, the way he discharges his duties and follows his instinct, the the way he celebrates his victory and happiness, the way he vanished Osama Bin Laden in 2011....etc..

 "Four more years" on twitter was his immediate response to his victory and I personally feel there is so much meaning in there. Four more years should be enough time to finish his unfinished business both at home and outside the home, and I think it is not only the America that is in safe hands, but the rest of the world as well.

Congratulations Mr. Obama!...:)

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