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Youth unemployment at 7.2 percent

It wasn't surprising at all to know that the Youth unemployment in Bhutan is 7.2 percent as of November 27 (by BBS), which I believe has been stagnant or even increasing for sometime. I am rather concerned like what if it continues to beat at this rate? Every one talks of Youth being the future flag bearers, that future of the state lies in the hands of the youths, but I really doubt of a good future of the state, if the future of youths themselves are at stake at the first hand and their problems are not addressed in the second.

I was watching BBS program, the interview by Namgay Zam with the Director of Labor Ministry and the Executive Director of ABTO. It was a refreshing one, although with that same old slogans of a blame game. Our Labor Ministry seems to have so many plans at hand; only challenge being unable to meet the gap of an understanding to change the mind set of youth towards Jobs irrespective of the colors.Tourism Industry seems to be a good resort; where they talk more of the attitude and the skills against the academic knowledge. However at the end my basic questions weren't answered.

Externally every Bhutanese talk of Bhutan being a country of equity and Justice, that everyone enjoys the equal right to express, that everyone is entitled to equal opportunities, but if we take a closer look, I am sorry to say that it is far from truth in reality. Any survey in Bhutan would reveal that rich are always rich and the poor the poorest, that upper ones are always flying while the lower ones on the verge  losing visibility(ས་ཁར་འཛུལ་སག་ས) because things like nepotism and favoritism still exist although these things might be out of any Bhutanese laws.
It was in the year 2011 summer, I was to do do my month long internship(as required by college), I was interested to do at Druk Air, I also had my cousin brother at paro where I would accommodate during my stay, I finished all my proceedings from the Scholarship Division and approached Druk Air. There I was very much surprised that the HR section didn't even look at my documents. Straight away I was said that I can't do my intern there for the simple reason that the organization is busy.  I just wanted to learn something that is all. I could have been a little help to them while learning myself in the mean time, but that was just the waste, I finally did my intern at Bhutan Telecom.

Well, I am yet to join that pack (in fact very soon enough) of so-called 'job seekers' and walk those streets of capital, hear the people say like "He is still jobless and useless" etc, I don't know how much pairs of shoe will be gone, or how much time I would have to starve or walk hiding my face, before I get one.
It is encouraging to know that the concerned Ministries are doing their best to match the mismatched gap. The number of graduates are increasing every year and the competition is becoming tough. As a youth I think it is high time for the government to stop whining and start barking, see where the real problems lies and ask basic questions apart from education systems like:
  • Is Rural Urban Migration Problem still addressed?
  • Are the Industries and other job creating sources evenly scattered around the country?
  • Are things like Nepotism and discrimination completely vanished in the country?
Sometimes it might turn out that it is not always the youth who is at fault.

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