Monday, 5 November 2012

Money Factor

Sometimes I like to argue if money isn't everything after all? If it is not the Money that rules everything in this monetary era? Of course money can't bring back the dead to life again, but who on this very earth realizes the fact that he/she will die at any time soon? Who doesn't strive hard to acquiring wealth during this so-called living? Hardly few!
There are Politicians in the name of serving the people at the grass root,whose actual motives are making lump-sum  because everyone knows what politics is. There are so many religious personalities who in the name of their religion or the guru cheats and loots the commoners. Why is everyone hungry for promotions and higher qualification? Because of the status, standard of living, and ultimately wealth (money) again.

I often ask my self: Why do I spent whole night reading and revising again and again those shit theories of some one I never even saw or know? Why do I try hard to pass the exams? Why do I struggle so hard to obtain that sheet of paper called certificate? The answer is simple: That white sheet called certificate will help me make living, it will help me earn and get employed. It will bring in exchange all the necessary credentials of life. Ultimately it all boils down to making money! Making a money is after all making a living.

Last week I went to town in Auto (three wheeler taxi). The fare was twelve rupees and I had no change of one rupee; for that I had to go to near by shop, get change and pay. Those Indians does not spare even a cent you know, and that explains the very value of money and its importance!
And yesterday I was watching Kaun Banega Croepati season six of first November episode, hosted by Indian Mega-star Amitabh Bachchan and I was both sad and happy at the end of show. All the contestants were commoners, from disadvantaged family. I was particularly saddened by the story of a guy named Manish from Rajasthan who got married but his wife left him, because he just had one compartment living room  and that too along with his parents. He tried hard for KBC so that he can make a good home and bring his love back. That was his spirit. Likewise every other's stories were heart breaking. And at last when they were able to take home a good amount  which they can't make even with  a life long savings, in just fifteen to twenty minutes, I felt a sense of satisfaction too.

May be that is why money is called "Kuenga Doendrup" ..:P.:P

Money is also a necessary evil; it drives people to madness. As good as it heals the worst wound of deprivation and unsatisfactory  it also create another row of wanting and desires. As fast as it compensates one debts, it also makes another fresh one! For want of money people to resort to so many kinds of gambling, crimes and professions! And that is the sad part and that is when  money becomes the master. It really is good servant but a bad master!

I was surfing the internet after the dinner yesterday, when I suddenly heard the loud conversation of my adjacent room mate friend with his father: "Dad, send me some cash, I have to buy this, that, and those........." went on with reasons. For a moment, I wasn't feeling good. May be I was feeling alone that when they have, why don't I? May be I was feeling unfortunate. Maybe I was feeling small and inferior.

But instantly I was angry and felt sorry at my self. I was wrong! Why on earth do I need to think of all these? Am I mad?  Why do I need to get swayed by these?  When in reality I have everything I need. I may not have a wealthy parents, but I have parents who loves me more than anything, I have parents who sacrificed everything and struggled so much for me and my education, despite the deprivation, making the man I am right now. And then a broad smile came to my face!...:)..:)
That is when I went with " Money isn't everything".


  1. Bro, this is a nice one.ya money is not everything but only few agrees to it and those are the ones who actually leads good and simple lives...keep on writting and study hard too....

    1. Thanks for sparing your precious time to go through and leaving a good comment la..


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