Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Food for Thought

Everything is fine, yes for now. Of course Sometimes in the midst of all these, we do encounter a time when we are forced to look back, wait for a moment and think if we are stranded instead and that the road we walked was really meant for us or if we made mistake? We doubt our own guts then and lose the very confidence and credibility of our own self. I don't know if it is of the same case with others as well. So many questions arise along the way and we are just left in the midst of all these, puzzled, trying to find the answers or even doubting the answers we have.

Sometimes I feel crazy my self and like to do crazy things. I like to laugh and cry. I am frustrated  and I feel defeated. I am deeply saddened and at times find difficult to control the emotions, and that's when I think if humans are but a bunch of mere emotions and nothing else. And the simple answer to is: it seems right though.

Why is it so difficult for the Lips just to say what is intended without fear or predicament? Why the smallest things are but the hardest thing to let it go off the lips? Why is it most difficult for the limbs to walk the shortest distance at most critical times? Why does the brain functions just the opposite and lead us to the wrong direction, when it requires the best of its credibility? Why all these at the very same time?

 I feel our goals are just like an elusive balloon, floating in the midst of cloud and wind, wanting and waiting for us to grab it, but playing with us all the time. Every time we think it is near, it is blown away by the strong currents of playful wind or is clouded letting us down. And if all the terms and conditions aren't considered well, it rather goes high, becomes invisible and impossible to catch it. It is absurd, right?

I inquired a friend of mine if he has some thing to take away all those unwanted and unhealthy sickness and leisure time this weekend. He handed me a book of Sidney Sheldon, indeed an Autobiography of himself titled "The other side of me" I am almost to end now and in fact it is very inspiring and encouraging. The book reveals the struggles and the success of his life to get by when the country (USA) was experiencing the greatest depression (1930s) and how he rose against all odds (working as bus-boy, a clerk, and so many others) to become one of the most successful writer and the master of his game.

And interestingly the book has cleared some of the clouds and kept away, in a way the waves of the wind that has been disturbing and for now it seems my instinct is pretty clear about where I am standing, where I am going and ultimately where I need to go.

A food for the troubled thought in fact!..

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