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ThE ChUnYi Pa LoSaR

Frankly, I never knew until this year that the first day of the 12th month of Bhutanese calender (the chunyi pa losar)is also The traditional Day of offering. From what I read in papers and blogs, it is also a day when the representatives from all over Bhutan offered buelwa (offerings) to Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in the Punakha Dzong, and hence also the Traditional day of offering.

The day is celebrated with all the vigor and interest, especially in the Eastern part of the country.I still remember when I used to wear the best clothes, taste delicious food starting with the morning Thukpa ( porridge) and the hard brewed Araa with family and friends.

The day is special as it signifies the end of a year of their work and hardship, yet the start of another. It is a day when the family ties are further strengthened and sense of belong further developed. The young boys joins the elders to play various Bhutanese traditional games like Archery, Khuru or Doegor, while young girls cheers and entertains those game with their vocal chords on the verge of damaging with all kind of songs and the elder brings their best brewed Arra and Bangchang.

For me, even though far from family and relatives, for last three years, any days that we consider special, be it losars or thrue or other celebrations, it was all the more same as at home. We Bhutanese MNNITIANS  have came together no matter what and it is one thing I am proud of for being one.. Time is passing swiftly and I don't really know where I will be the same time next year, my days at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT) will be always remembered.There is strong cooperation and we have created memories that will be cherished in the days to come.

Like the past three years we tried our best to keep everything Bhutanese, starting from the morning Thukpa. Varieties of Bhutanese dishes were also prepared for the lunch and dinner.If there is one thing I have learnt from such important days, Boys never are bad at cooking, if not best!...:P

Eventually to me, more than the delicious and number of varieties of food items that we prepare, Losars are but the best time for re-union and further strengthen the existing bond of friendship and cooperation.

Thanks Bhutanese MNNITIANS for the wonderful time together! and happy days ahead.

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