Friday, 4 January 2013

My New year Resolution

New Year is all about starting fresh, celebrate the past year, and more importantly continue to celebrate the friends, family and people that have made our life vibrant and colorful. It is also about acknowledging and weighing the good and bad of the past year and do necessary amendments for the better coming year.
But for most of the students and particularly the engineering students studying in India, the new year is always encountered on their way to the college for the start of fresh semester, after a short break of about twenty days.

For me particularly, it has been four years now since the first day of the new year was encountered on the train. This has at times instilled in me some kind of envy, but then it is inevitable and it definitely will be not forever. This has only been consolation. And as a matter of fact,till now I have never kept any new year resolutions and it has been pretty OK. But this year, after series of thinking  I have decided to start at least one resolution for the coming year. My resolution of the year 2013 is 'Not to Drink'.  For now I am neither an addict to alcohol nor am I phobic to it, but I have thought that there is only goodness in refraining before it becomes too late.

The last time I drank heavily was on 31st December in Phuntsholing on my way back to the college, when I met my senior Tashi who works in Punatsangchu Project That will be either the last time I drink for a year or for the rest of my life.


  1. All the best with your resolution, bro. Happy new year though it's quite late.

    1. Thanks bro!
      And yeah Very happy new year to you too:)

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