Thursday, 24 January 2013

Weird Night(s)

A huge number of people were gathered, busy in their own world, in some kind of bazaar. There was also a river that was flowing somewhere, its sound was so loud, louder than the cacophony of the bazaar. The weather was foggy and scary. I could feel my goosebumps. I never exactly knew what I was doing in the middle of that. The people around seemed familiar yet was unrecognizable. Suddenly the whole area turns into huge commotion. Without even knowing what was happening,I ran as if someone has been chasing me, until i was stopped by a large boulder and suddenly i was brought into the sense. It was just a weird dream! I checked the mobile and it was  2:42 AM in the morning.

It becomes more weirder. The next day again happens the same thing..The dreams are not exactly same, yet same pattern where I am in the middle of some fights or quarrels. And when I am brought back to sense from the dreams it is again exactly the same time; 2:42 AM.

This  happened consecutively for last three nights, where I wake up to find my self in the middle of night (2:42 AM). Outside in the real wold, everything seems fine, the surroundings are calm, i could hear distant musics played by hostel mates.

But that incidence for three consecutive nights have instilled in  me so many weird and gruesome thoughts.

Is it just a dream or is it something more?

Well, today is the fourth night let's see what happens?

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