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Short but memorable

As I peep through the small window of my hostel room outside from the coiled cozy blankets, I am taken back to the days I spent at Gedu. it is exactly the same foggy and cold, except one thing which is missing for sure- the laughter and the noisy and jolly conversations. Although the outside temperature was freaking cold, the small packed room was so warm and lively. I was just introduced to the bunch of friends for the first time by karma (her best friends of school days) and it just took a couple of minutes to get familiar with.  And before I could realize, I was, with them having fun. I am not that easy to befriend with anyone I meet for the first time, but that day was different and that left me thinking that first impression really is the last impression!.

We hardly realize that life is a blessing, while we easily catch the phrase:"life is a curse" so often like when we we fail to succeed or even when a little thing is not well. Most of the time we fail to appreciate and acknowledge the goodness and blessings of this life. However this break has taken me to a new dimension! The moment with beloved parents and a bunch of new friends instilled in me a kind of new hope and encouragement and that everyday is a blessing in disguise.

This winter's break, although was too short (just twenty days) , it was but a productive and most memorable vacation. It was the time when I cherished the most exciting moments of happiness with the people I have always wanted to share time with. It was a time when I had to rewind back to the previous years and look forward into the coming years as to how I am going to present and prepare my self. It was also a time when I realized the very value of thickness of wallet. Yes the thickness of wallet does define who we are in today's world.

Most of my days were finished travelling. I spent just three days with brother at paro,two days with friends at Gedu and just five days with my beloved parents and relatives at home. Rest of the vacation were either on vehicle or hotels.

After almost three long years, I met my parents and relatives back at home. A lot has changed within  three years and it has only made me happy and hopeful. The DPT government is busy trying to meet their promise of connecting all the 205 geog with farm road. I doubt if they will be able to meet before they dissolve. Electric poles are erected at some point of the roads and villages and I was just wondering when will the darkness of Shingkhar Lauri be lighted with modern stars? My geog as a matter of fact  is still cut off from rest of the world. But things are slowly changing, people are realizing their roles and responsibilities and are taking seriously.  It was a good feeling with excited people to travel on the back of  Bolero Mahindra vehicle commonly called as eastern taxi in Bhutan on the newly constructed road. Of course a lot is needed to be done both by the government and the people themselves.

There was annual Drubchen being conducted in my village  which was preponed because of the notice by the Election Commission of Bhutan some time ago about not allowing any Goendays to conduct rituals during election. I was fortunate enough to attend a day of my break at the Drubchen.

As I look back to last twenty days, I forget all the external cold of Allahabad and for the rest of colds it will be my solace and salvation!!..:)..:)

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