Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Secrets Of College Life

College life is one biggest thing I am going to miss in my life. Every day of a college life is but a blessing, although some comes at the cost of other things that is unfortunate. However, the blessings always exceeds the curse, the good exceeds bad, the joy and pleasure exceeds sad and gloominess, strength exceeds the weakness, good memories exceeds the bitter and bad ones. May be that is why everyone says college life is a golden life.

Team Varanasi and Inkrri Team
 Every moments spent is but a memory. The hardships and struggles we take to pass that academics exams may be very important and the ultimate thing, but when we get through so-called the college life what we actually go is with the memories.Things like late nigh drinks among friends in the hostel although once in blue moon (of course that is when purse is thick!) and the crazy moments after that, the dry and wilt-y times when we are broke (which is the case most often),  the share and talk of non sense with friends,  the late night chats and flirts with girls in social networking sites all makes it even more marvelous.
Get together; Bhutanese from Varanasi and MNNIT

The past few days have been the most wonderful. On Saturday 20th October, fifteen fellow Bhutanese studying in Banaras Hindu University and Sanskrit university came to our college (MNNIT) to play football. They spent a night with us and twelve of us, the MNNITians did our best to be the best host. Get together it self was very wonderful.

Having the lunch we prepared!

Coinciding with Dasara, yesterday night (23rd october) we twelve of us had a blast! It may seem bad and unhealthy from one point of view, but this doesn't dilute the purpose we have, we do know the roles and responsibilities we as a student! I think it is OK once in a blue moon, after all life is uncertain, we never know what is in store for us. I have been drunk just once in my Life (till now) and yesterday was the second time!

The funny thing about the yesterday's night was that even in the drunken state, we went to the play ground to play football and that too for two long hours at night under the street Light! (from 12:00 to 02:00 AM). Yes, the apple flavored Vodka (two bottles) did energize all that strength to play! It was really an interesting Night!

Dasara Moments
Of course it is the college Life that has taught me so many things; to drink, play, even to Love and the fact that a successful life is but a journey and never a destination.