Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Transition.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is known for its rich culture and tradition. It's isolation and domestic polices have helped protect its culture and natural beauty. These are among the reasons it is referred to as the Last Shangri-la, the crown jewel of Himalayas.

With recent transition to the democracy, which did not come through struggle and hardships like other countries of the world,but as a gift from the Throne is valuable and unique.  Bhutan's step to the international community since a decade ago has also brought so many good changes back at home. There has been drastic economic development, the standard of the people has dramatically improved. But the ugly truth is the price that comes along with all these improvements and changes which  are way beyond the imagination sometimes. It seems there are more questions than answers, more problems than solutions.

Adversity, precursor to imbalance and Aberration?

Go back to history when Bhutanese people enjoyed the constant peace in mind (at least), although there were physical hardships. People hardly thought of the competition, the inferiority complexes, the drugs or that fancy fashions. People were least concerned about the external comforts, but with developments and changes, the people has become more greedy- The self sufficiency is replaced by the stock of savings, the early clothes from raw animal skins are being replaced by those fancy dress, which rather seems to bring more ugliness. And not every one of us are fortunate enough to walk that path. We may be born as an equal human being, but some aren't that lucky to have fancy dresses, some aren't that fortunate to have luxurious life as others, or eat in the five star hotels as others. By then a huge gap is being created.

Well, that is when people resort to any kind of crimes to cloud their smallness and backwardness, to fill that gap, or as a compensation for not being able to reach that par.
That is when they resort to things which are more ugly to safe their faces.  That is when the youths resort to drugs and fights, because it is the only rescue for them. That is when prostitution becomes the best resort for the women. Who wants to lose, or be intimidated, or be embarrassed by the society or the surrounding? Who doesn't want be loved or cared after all?
At the end of day, everyone of us are human being, governed by the same emotions, in the small corner of heart, everyone is same and desires the same.

And now whose fault is it? Is it just the youth for drug and fights? Or is it just  the women herself for the prostitution? Does not everyone, the government, the policy, the organizations and an individual responsible? Is it not a combined problem? Rather than playing the blame games upon one another, is  it not high time to curb such problems, before it is too late?

As a child, who would want their mother to resort into such circumstances? But now having already been the water under the bridge, is it not everyone's responsibilities to think back, as to where we went wrong, where such incidents will lead us?

In a country where sanctity is valued  very much, in a land where it is very much difficult even to watch those normal Bollywood and Hollywood kissing scenes with family, such news (Paro Incident) is shocking though. But at the same time, it is but a very good lesson for all of us.Perhaps it is the best time to think if it is but time to legalize such profession or if not how to make sure that such things don't occur in the future. Or is it just the tip of an iceberg?

Some questions will never have answers though!...