Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fate and Unanswered Questions

Ten years ago or before, there wasn't much stress and worries. It was that usual and regular 'school thing'. Back then the thing that bothered much was if  my belly would be filled from the common hostel mess of black spotted rice and potato curry, if ever pretty girls look and think of me, when will be the break, and so on. The regular morning and evening study was but the perfect moment to gossip about what not things. Of course there was also a kind of fear, perhaps the biggest fear that time- 'if i will pass the exams to the next higher class'. And it was quite easy to pass too. Nothing like carrier or Job bothered, in fact such things were but an alien. Even if such thing crossed our mind, there was always an excuse; it isn't time, there is long way to go!

But with exciting journey called the learning period,  from schools  to the golden college life almost coming to end, a strange feelings  often bothers me. A stream of question runs through my gut like; Will I get Job? (This is my immediate question now!) Did more than dozen of so called learning trained and groomed me good enough to pay back? Am I capable to compete with others? Do I have that  potential to serve or stand on my own? What if I am unable and fail to do so? How am I going to repay the Government and the Parents who have tirelessly expended everything on making me stand this very moment amongst others? Like wise the questions are just numerous.

And at such times, even a news about our friends being able to do their part (if not yourself ) is but a great comfort. Today I heard one of my seniors who just passed out a couple of months got job in a corporation. And for reasons unknown, all of a sudden the gloomy face of mind was gradually clouded by a jolly one with broad smile and for a moment every bothering questions were gone. Even more was I happy for him; because unfortunately he didn't get through Preliminary Examination, held sometime in August. Maybe that was for a reason and today as I think back I realized how the fate seems to play games sometime and twist around unexpectedly. I guess fate never plays fool, it does its part impartially. We just need to accept and answer to its callings.

Then when I posted in the group; Bhutanese students Association MNNIT in Facebook, the following:
"Hearty congratulations to Engineer Tashi Nima for getting employed. Join me to wish him Luck , cheers..:)
PS: Don't forget the promised Party!..:P"

Eventually  I think it is a good thing to be tensed by such emotions sometimes, because we never know what is in store for us. It help us stay focused in our own track and make us look both back and forward with more clearer and broader view.