Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Paradox!

Not every one of us get in to what we once dreamed of in life. Not every one of us has liberty to decide what is in store for us, not in all the circumstances.  It is most of the time, that unfortunate or fortunate luck and the twist of fate that changes the course of our life and decides what we are in life. Of course the passion, the will and determination are essential deciding factors too. The force of so called fate is unwavering and we can never go against it. Some thing in life is never under our control.

I never thought that I would land up into engineering profession. I am almost 7/8 engineer now. I doubted if I am going to be a good one. I was afraid if justice was at all done.  But  now I have accepted the fact and I think somehow I am tuned to this.  I am OK now.

Source: Facebook
First impressions are not always the last. My first impressions about the profession was that it would be more of a practical based and less theory. But that is far from true! Yes it is not that easy as we think it is.
  •  A 500 to 600 hundred pages of text is covered in just one subject within  not even four months duration!.
  • Most of the practical classes are left to our self, may be that's to instill a sense of creativity and independence.
  • Every students burns mid night oils, but at the very last moment! The biggest headache is collecting all the master copies to xerox just before the exams.
  • Proxies are very common. Most of the students hardly attends the classes, unless the professors are strict enough.
  •  Mugged up of even a whole book hardly helps! 
Eventually at the end of a day; every bad has good; every weakness have a strength behind, there are always hidden meanings behind every displays. Life was hard at some point of time though, when I look back three years; when everything seemed hard, impossible and unreachable, when the work load was too much and I neglect it instead; I realize now that a patient heart is what it all requires. Time heals everything!